Wednesday, October 19, 2005

She's Gone.

Our baby. She's gone. Have you seen her? All we have now is a little girl. Since she has been sleeping in her "big girl" toddler bed for a couple of weeks with no problem I finally took her crib and changing table down. It's sad. I have no baby anymore. I don't even have to carry a diaper bag . I just use her Dora the Explora purse. I can't believe that in exactly a month she will be 2. Wow. Time does fly when they are infants. Thankfully I can still hold on to the fact that she still wears 24 months because when she gets into a 2T she's an offical toddler. Man! That's hard to grasp. Since she is approaching Toddler status we are trying "Time Out". It never worked with Trent but since every child is different we thought we'd give it a try. She has watched different children's video's on the subject and they have tried it with her at school. So I guess time will tell. I never believed in it before. Like Jeff Foxworthy has said " Yeah! My used Time Out. He took time out of his day to whip our A**" Because of her "OI" we have opted to get a toddler bed instead of a twin size one. Trent started out in a twin bed. I used to think that toddler beds were a waste of money, but we are afraid that she might fall off a twin bed and break something. A toddler bed is so much closer to the floor and I wouldnt have to worry as much.


Jennifer Wright said...

I can't believe She is almost 2 either. Time does fly! Can you believe you have a school aged kid too? That is hard to swallow!!!

Brittain said...

I am right behind you with two "toddlers" of my own. I goes by too fast!

Kim Manning said...

Just wait until your "baby" is in kindergarten and your "big girl" is in 5th grade! I feel really old this year.