Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year we celebrated Dylan's birthday on Halloween then went Trick or Treating at Brett's brothers house then went to my parents house. Thank goodness school was out on Monday. The kids were so wired up!! Trent was Jason and Alyssa was a pirate girl!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was 8 years old when this movie came out. I remember going to see it at the theatre in Fayetteville. I had spent the weekend with one of my mom's best friends. She had three boys so she took me for weekends to get her "little girl" fix. When my mom found out about the movie she was not happy. Looking back..... this movie probably would have had a PG-13 rating... but there was no such thing back then so it was PG.

A month a go I decided I wanted to try to make some extra money...... so I signed up with a casting company with informs me when extras are needed for films that are currently being filmed in the Atlanta area. These notices are normally very specific.. We are looking for a blond haired, 5'3 female who wears a size 4 with 6 shoe etc...etc... After several of these notices that didn't even come close to me... one finally came across..... Looking for extras for the remake of Footloose.... filming at COWBOYS in Kennesaw...

Holy Cow! This is it.... One of my favorite movies and one of the best scenes in the movie. They sneak out to go dancing across the county line.....Maybe my little stint on Hee-Haw will finally pay off. lol I emailed the casting department and sent in a recent photo. Within the day I had received an email confirming my part in the scene.

There is a scene in the movie where Ren and Ariel sneak out to dance over the county line because it is forbidden where they live. They go to a country western bar to dance and discover that Willard can't dance. And that's where Ren starts to teach Willard to dance.

Anyway..... I was beyond excited at that point.

So last Monday and Tuesday I danced for 12 hours each day. By Tuesday night I was worn out and sore.
 I arrived early Monday morning and it was exactly what I had imagined. The two main male actors were in the first scene that we filmed. I really didn't know either of them... one (Miles) is new to acting but has a movie with Nicole Kidman coming out next month and the other (Kenny) is popular with the MTV watchers. Both were extremely nice and interacted with us little folk. The highlight of the filming was actually being on the dance floor with Julianne Hough. She was amazing. Her 3 sisters and mom were also in this shot.

When it was time to break each day for lunch I was surprised to get back to the catering room to find all the lead actors eating with the extras. They were so humble and very friendly. Julianne was the only one who didn't mingle with us common folk. Maybe Ryan Seacrest was there somewhere and we just didn't know it?

It took all I had not to ask for an autograph and we were threatened with our life not to take pictures. They had been confiscating phones all day with those who got caught. I did get a shot in before I turned all For those of you who know me... know that I am not a drinker.... but my prop for most of the two days was a long neck.....

The first day of shooting I met a friend. Come to find out she actually graduated from Jonesboro High School too. We hung out most of the two days together.

So hopefully in April when the movie comes out I won't find myself on the cutting room floor. But who knows.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trent's Party and 3rd Annual Pig Dig

Last weekend was our 3rd Annual Pig Dig. Trent wanted to "tag" is birthday in there so it worked out perfectly.Brett worked really hard on his fall display. It looked great.
 Here is Brett taking his turn to flip the pigs. We start cooking them on Saturday night and they must be flipped every 15 minutes. The guys sign up for 2 hour shifts that last from 6pm-6am Sunday morning. Then on Sunday around noon we have a feast. Our stew starts cooking around 9am.
 Trent loves to have Brett's family birthday party the same weekend.
 They played hide-n-go seek in the dark and rosted marshmellows.
All of the cousins and Trent's best friend Logan.
The girls preparing the BBQ before the feast.

Even Jake was tired after all the gathering was done.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday, Trent!

Wow! 11 years old. It's hard to believe that my baby is 11 years old!

Trent, I wanted you to know how proud your dad and I are to call you our son. We have been blessed with a terrific son like you! It seems like only yesterday we brought you home from the hospital not knowing what being a parent really was.

We have learned alot since then. You have helped us to grow.
As I reflect on these past 11 years my heart bursts with pride and I smile at some wonderful memories.

 All you wanted to be for Halloween that year was a chicken!! I searched everywhere and finally found it!

Riding your first John Deere tractor... chasing daddy around the yard.

Baseball 2008... getting hit in the face by a line drive. And the black eye that lasted 7 months.

 Also in that year you had your first (and only) grandslam!
 You have become an intelligent, bright, thoughtful, incredible young man. We are so proud of you in every way!

Happy Birthday Joseph Trenton Barfield!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Yesterday we went to the Rockdale County Fair. It wasn't what we expected but was fun anyway. The kids had a ball.

Do you remember the Gravitron? 
The ride is completely enclosed, with 48 padded panels lining the inside wall. However there are a few versions of this ride that don't have a roof (i.e. the top canvas isn't installed). Riders lean against these panels, which are angled back. As the ride rotates, centrifugal force is exerted against the pads by the rider, removing the rider from the floor, due to the slant. The ride can reach a maximum speed of 24 rpm in less than 20 seconds, due to the 33 kW 3-phase motor. At this speed, the riders are experiencing centrifugal force equivalent to three times the force of gravity. At full speed, it is possible (though generally prohibited) for a skilled and strong rider to stand horizontally on the pads.

The ride operator is located in the center of the ride. Part of the operator's duty is to control lighting and music in addition to the ride itself. Some variants include closed-circuit television cameras, allowing waiting riders and passersby to observe the ride in action.

I am so mean... Without knowing what the ride actually did Trent said he wanted to ride. So I let him. I thought for sure he would come out crying.....

 But he loved it!
 Mom and Dad relaxing on the carousel
I am still wondering why every... and I mean every ride had to spin...... I rode a ride (equivalent to the Mr. Momo that used to be out at Six-Flags)...... and was sick for the rest of the night.... it's terrible getting old.