Thursday, June 25, 2009


A sucker punch is a blow which is made without warning or preparation on the part of the recipient and so is usually delivered from close range. It is not possible to block such a punch and so people at risk of such blows must be alert to the proximity of potential opponents.

Last night the funniest thing happened. We had went to the Yankees game and had gotten home late and in the bed later than normal. We were so tired and completely out when we hit the pillow. Normally, I am a stomach sleeper. Sleeping on my stomach with my arms safely tucked underneath me. Apparently in the middle of the night I tossed and turned. While doing this I flung my arm over Brett. No big deal, except that my fist landed perfectly in his "wrong spot" (as Trent would call it.) He sat up like a zombie hurling out of a coffin. And screamed and moaned for several minutes. I was apparently so out of it I calmly said "oh, sorry" and went back to sleep. All the while he is still moaning in pain. He said he thought that I had a mallet in my hand.
Can you imagine being totally asleep and being sucker punched in the middle of the night by your spouse? All morning long I keep busting out in spontaneous laughter just thinking about it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Grease is the WORD

For the last month or so the kids have really gotten into GREASE. They will watch it over and over and over. So by now they know every song and every dance. Trent is so funny...... he fast forwards through Sandy's "Hopelessly Devoted to You" solo. ***I have even had to download the soundtrack to their MP3 players.

Funny story...... last week I was getting Alyssa out of the shower and it was freezing in the bathroom because that vent blows full force. Without even hesitating as I get her out and placed the towel around her she breaks out into song...... "I've got chills..... their multiplying and I'm loosing control....."

I know you are singing it in your head now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


There are several genera of Wolf spider, ranging in body size from less than 1 to 30 millimetres (0.04 to 1.18 in). [1] They have eight eyes arranged in three rows. The bottom row consists of four small eyes, the middle row has two very large eyes (which distinguishes them from the Pisauridae), and the top row has two medium-sized eyes. They depend on their eyesight, which is quite good, to hunt. Their sense of touch is also acute.

Wolf spiders are unique in carrying their eggs along with them in a round silken globe, or egg sac, which they attach to the spinnerets at the end of their abdomen. The abdomen must be held in a raised position to keep the egg case from dragging on the ground, but they are still capable of hunting while so encumbered. Also unique to wolf spiders is their method of infant care. Immediately after the little spiders hatch and emerge from their protective silken case they clamber up their mother's legs and all crowd onto her abdomen.
So this morning Brett gets up and goes to the kitchen to fetch his phone or whatever.... In the kitchen floor is a spider. I know that spiders are normal to have every once in a while. What do you do???? Normally you grab a shoe, book or anything close and whack them. Right? Well this is that I heard. WHACK! Then about 100 little WHACKs. WHACK. WHACK WHACK. WHACK.
Hope this doesn't gross you out, but I wanted to tell you this to give you a fair warning. Make sure it's not a WOLF spider before you WHACK them to death.
Upon smacking the &^*#%$#!!% out of the, what we know now was the MOMMA spider, about 100 baby spiders came scattering from her abdomen. They were very, very , very tiny but none the less....they were running for their lives. So my house is being de-spidered as we speak. I sucked the majority of them up with the vacuum before I left and Brett put spider poison stuff around the baseboards. NASTY, I say... NASTY!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keith Urban/Taylor Swift 2009

OK. So I splurged on myself with great seats to Keith Urban. Brett's Aunt, Robbielyn, is a huge and I mean HUGE fan. We went a couple of years ago and it was the best concert that I have ever seen. This one is now the best one. The bonus was that Taylor Swift was there too.

We laughed at this picture. Looks like he is checking out the tatas. Hey whatever gets us to the front of the merchandise line. lol.
Taylor was great. There was alot of little girls there to see her. It was a very family friendly show.

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The best thing about Keith Urban concerts is that you never know where he will end up. He moved into 3 different places during the show. Each time he got closer and closer to us. Robbielyn and I were close to fainting.

Look how close.

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The last he moved into the crowd to sing it literally was within 20 ft. The security team only had to ask me once to get back to my seat.

In this one he is looking right at me!!

It was a great show. He has always been good at including the audience and the hometown. Last time he was here he had the Georgia Tech Band play with him. This time he included pictures of Atlanta Landmarks. (The Varsity, Turner Field etc) in his background pictures. It was pretty cool.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

We went to Bass Pro Shops in Macon last weekend. (which btw is the best one around) Trent didn't want to go, he was too busy cleaning worms. lol. This picture turn out cute that they took at the store.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bird Dive Bombs Pedestrians In San Francisco

Bird Dive Bombs Pedestrians In San Francisco

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saved By The Bell's Zach Morris Is Back!

OMG. He still looks great after all of these years.

Saved By The Bell's Zach Morris Is Back!

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Poor things....

Trent loves to spend time at Uncle Stanley's house. They are currently working on a greenhouse to "maybe" get the Christmas tree farm going again. After a morning of shopping we stopped by to see how it was going. Trent ran up to the truck as we drove up. "Dad, dad I found thousands of worms to go fishing with!" He was so excited. He had been helping Stan dig a trench for the water line to the greenhouse and came upon some big, juicy worms. "Come see...." as he motioned us towards the house.

He pointed to a cup laying on the counter. I looked in and was mortified at what I saw..... A hand full of worms soaking in bright colored fluid. "Trent, what did you do!" "What is in there?" I already knew..... He had soaked those poor worms in soap. When I asked him why.... (already knew that answer too.) "Mom, they were so dirty. I needed to clean them off." Poor little things didn't have a chance.

Life on the Farm

Well here is it. Our "GARDEN" I bet you were expecting some tomatoes and squash. Heh? Nope... this is the first year of Brett's Giant garden. I guess in 20 years or so we will be out on the side of Hwy 81 selling our crop. lol.

We have corn, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, peas, green beans, lima beans, okra, cantaloupe and corn. It comes equipped with a scarecrow, electric fence and a owl so deer and other animals don't get into it. YeeHaw...

Friday, June 05, 2009

For more pictures of the Barfield's please visit....

It seems to be a great site. Family members can order pictures..

Also did anyone watch The Listener? Man, that is a great show. NBC Thursday nights!!! A MUST SEE...

Monday, June 01, 2009

Do you see it?

I looked out my window yesterday and saw this....... Do you remember his brother, last year.... Here let me remind you.
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My little cousin got married last weekend. (Top left) Congratulations John and Randi Byrom. He is the youngest of the cousins. It's hard to believe that we are all so old. This is the Byrom grandchildren (minus Tony and Sherrie.)

Top left~ John and Jim Byrom. Then ME and Bottom Row... Cousin Regina Jane Byrom Bedford, and my sisters Deanna and Laurie. We didn't turn out THAT Bad. lol.
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Pictures from the 3rd Grade Celebration

Who ever's idea the cotton candy machine was............what a sticky idea. It was Ms. Hurndon's idea. I told her I hope in 4 years she gets Alyssa in her class.. lol.

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