Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthday Braves Game

Since Trent is going to be gone on his birthday this year, I took him and some friends to a the Braves game early.... Wow did they have fun! Trent has his own homemade
And while I was meeting some players... they all caught a batting practice ball. I couldn't believe their luck. It was awesome. They were so excited.

I finally got to meet Jason Heyward. He was really nice. He signed our book and I told him I was from his hometown of McDonough. His face lit up. What a great trip to Turner Field.

Monday, September 16, 2013


This is Telly... He has now applied a total of 13 cast to my children! What a great guy! Trent was devastated to learn that he had indeed fractured his pinky and hand bone. He only got to pitch in 1 game last weekend. Hopefully he will be back for at least the end of the season tournament. Boooo.....He is worried about his cruise that he is taking in a couple of weeks for his birthday.... I guess a game of "Manhunt" inside in the dark will be questioned in the future...