Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday Church Hunt

So I have decided its time to start looking for a home church. I have visited several churches in the area and so far I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Either they are toooo causal/laid back or very, very stuffy. I don't want something too big or some grocery store church. (No snake handlers either~ haha)
I grew up in a Baptist until I started to drive then became a member of a non-denominational church in the area. For several years I have attended (off and on) a local church. But I feel that there is something missing. We need to find a church that we both feel comfortable with and would enjoy.
Anyway~ So yesterday I visited a local Baptist church that is right down the street from our house. I have been wanting to see what is was like so I went and took Alyssa with me. She was really excited about going and getting all dressed up. She must have asked me a hundred questions on the way there. As we pulled up she said, "Is this church, is this church?"
I led her to her class room. Immediately she started crying. It wasn't a whale of a cry but a small whimper. There was no kicking and screaming involved at all. "Momma please don't go. I want to go home, " she kept crying over and over. Of course the Sunday school teacher was extremely friendly and nice. "Come on Alyssa let's go play with Play-Doe." Play- Doe? Oh, great she doesn't know what that is yet! I went around the corner out of her sight to listen. She cried and cried. "I want my Momma." But finally calmed down.
Seems like all churches are going hi-tech. They make you fill out a paper about the child and where you would be in the church if they needed you. This church however would flash the child's name on the screen in the sanctuary if they indeed needed you. That really bothered me. Other churches give you a number, but this one used actual names. That's great. How embarrassing is it that they flash the name up there, annoucing to the congreation that your child is being disobedient or what not. I was certain that Alyssa Barfield would flash up there so I sat near the door for easy escape.
Anyway~ after the service I went to pick Alyssa up from her classroom. I rounded the corner and stayed out of sight again to see what she was doing. I noticed her in center of the room all by herself sitting in a chair with color shapes all around. The rest of the class was sitting in chairs up against the wall. She was just talking and talking and seemed to be enjoying herself. I said, "Alyssa what are you doing?" (I figured she was in time out) But the teacher laughed and said, "Alyssa is teaching the class its colors and shapes." I laughed and laughed. I left her crying and came back to her teaching the class . Only Alyssa.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Miss Smarty Pants!!!

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Yes, I know my daughter is a genius! haha.. I took this video last week. Every other night we go through the ABC books. They are cute little books, one for each letter. She is getting very good at knowing them. (If anyone is interested they have them at Costco.)
unfortunately Alyssa is already starting going through the smart mouth phase. Isn't she a little too young for that? Maybe she is just picking up on Trent a little. She already thinks she knows everything. I guess I better prepare myself.
Another quick story.....Yeah I know when do I have quick stories!!!
I went to pick Trent up from school last week and he was crying. So of course I asked him what was wrong. He replied "They boys won't let me in their club!" "What?" I was a little annoyed to say the least. I thought, "Oh, crap how do I handle this?" As we were walking out the director asked what was wrong. When I told her she said, "Oh! no, Trent. There are no clubs or clicks at this school and starting tomorrow everyone will know." She was really nice. When we got in the car I reassured him that everything would be ok. Then he said, "What about bosses?" "She didn't say anything about bosses!"
"Trent, you can't let other kids boss you around." Really I was thinking what comes around.... goes around because when he gets together with other kids alittle younger than him he is always boss. Brett's suggestion: Make your own club...... and don't let them in it.
So they next day everything was fine. The kids must have sensed I was upset because one little boy came running to me. "Trent's mom, we made our club house bigger so everyone could join!!" Yeah! That's what I thought.
It's funny how my two kids are totally different. I have one that is so sensitive to feelings crying because of some club.... then I have one that will probably say while pointing, "You ain't in my club and you ain't in my club and you ain't in my club.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Turns out that my trip to Denver was a very needed little vacation. Brett thought (or was hoping) that I would get home sick. But I didn't. My friends and I had sooo much fun. Several highschool friends came. It was like a mini reunion. I had never been to Denver before, in fact that was the first time I had been on a plane since I was pregnant with Trent and went to LA for The Price Is Right. (7 years) I was extremely nervous to be on a plane by myself but I worked it out. I was surprised that I got on a plane since I was standby and all. It helps to be a spouse of a Delta Employee., I guess. Since Ti-George is the last guy friend to get married and there is only one more girl to get hitched we are running out of excuses to get together and act a fool. After Miranda gets married there will be no more excuses. We will have to grow up alittle.
The wedding and reception were at an extremely nice resort at the foot of the mountains. Our wake up call played Rocky Mountain High. That was funny. Something else.... there were no African Americans. That was weird. We looked and looked. Anyways, here are some pictures.......
Friday, June 2, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

Till Next Season

While I was gone to Denver Trent has his end of season baseball party! The trophies were cool! His ball had his picture on it. He also received the BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE SEASON AWARD for the most (6) homeruns . We are so proud. Till Next season......

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where is Lisa?

I know you are asking , Where is Lisa?

Well Lisa has been extremely busy. Her trip to Denver last week was wonderful and baseball season has finally ended for the summer. (Pictures and stories coming soon!!~ Hopefully this weekend)

Work? Well let's just say she gets busier every day. Ever been thrown under a bus before?

Ode to Brett, yet AGAIN....... He is having his gallbladder sucked out tomorrow.

What is the gallbladder?The gallbladder is a structure on the underside of the liver on the right side of the abdomen. The function of the gallbladder is to store bile that is produced in the liver before the bile is secreted into the intestines. Bile secreted into the intestines helps the body digest fats.
Symptoms of a gallbladder “attack” usually starts with steady, gnawing pain in the upper right abdomen that progresses until the pain is quite severe and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The pain may sometimes be referred to (felt in) the right shoulder or between the shoulder blades, and may last for several hours. The immediate symptoms of an irritated gallbladder often resembles a heart attack or angina – many times this is first diagnosed in the emergency department.
The frequency of attacks varies among individuals, sometimes once a month, sometimes once a year. Most can expect that once theyÂ’ve experienced one attack, they are more likely than not to have another at some point.