Friday, March 30, 2007

Mudcats Vs- Locust Grove Dodgers

We'll our first game was last night. It didn't start until 7:30pm so it made for a late night. Eventhough we lost, we were hitting machines. We need to work on some defense. Trent actually hit one to the fence last night for a inside the park homerun! It was awesome. He knew it was gone when he hit it. He smiled all around the bases. If I remember correctly I think it was at least a 2 run homer. The homerun was great because he probably won't get near as many homeruns in 7/8 ball as he did in 5/6. He had 7 last year! I told him at the beginning of the season that homeruns will be harder to get this year. Every time they get a homerun the coach adds a sticker to their helmet. So it is all about those stickers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finally, the Top Ten!

I just love Gwen Stefani. She is my favorite guest so far. Everyone seems to be stepping up their game!! Well- almost everyone.
1. LaKisha Jones (Donna Summers’ “Last Dance”) - Eventhough I hate that over used wedding reception song, it was flawless. She continues to "bring it" every week. Bad outfit though.
2. Chris Sligh (Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”) -Where the beat? He never found it. The vocals were ok. It was a great song choice for him. He might be in the bottom.
3. Gina Glocksen (Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You”) She might just surprise us! It was an awesome song choice for her. She improves every week. She deserves to stay.
4. Sanjaya Malakar (No Doubt’s “Bathwater”) Funny that he sang that song. Every time I look at him I think, "I bet he smells." He just looks like he would. He looked like a rooster tonight. HORRIBLE. Does he want to go home? GOOFY, BAD. That's how I describe him.
5. Haley Scarnato (Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”) This is one of my all time favorite songs. Since Trent was born I sing that to him at night to get him to go to sleep. I loved it but Simon was right it was pretty forgettable. She will probably go tomorrow.
6. Phil Stacey (Police’s “Every Breath You Take”) Dude needs a new makeup artist. He looks more and more like a girl every week. HE also wore a ugly hat. But his vocals were great and it was a good song choice.
7. Melinda Doolittle (Donna Summers’ “Heaven Knows”) She needs to fire her stylist this week. It was an effortless performance. Another great night for her.
8. Blake Lewis (Cure’s “Love Song”) Dude has got it going on. It was simple, tender and I liked it. I like him because he takes a risk every week and is good at it.
9. Jordin Sparks (No Doubt “Hey Baby”) I thought the song was too low and she didn't pull it off for me. I didn't like it. It wasn't bad just not very good. Ya know?
Because the show ran 7 minutes long my DVR didn't tape Chris's song.
10. Chris Richardson (No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Opening Day!!

Here are pictures from Opening Day @ North Ola Park. Trent and Alyssa had so much fun. Trent played good too. He went (3-3) including 2 singles and 1 double.

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More Opening Day!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


So Tuesday was picture day for Alyssa. I had bought her a cute little purple dress to wear. It was a real simple polo type dress. . No frills, no lace, no bows. But she still cried her eyes out. "I want my pants!" she screamed. "I don't want to be beautiful." I was able to put a matching bow in her hair. She finally calmed down when we got to the school. When I picked her up she was totally different. She came running up to me, "Mama I like my dress now." I guess I will wait to make judgement until the next time I try to make her wear a dress. Trent's picture day is tomorrow. He is a totally different story.
Trent has a baseball tournament starting tonight @ 6. We are still the MudCats. But we are 7/8 now. So far I don't think that we will be any good but it's having fun that counts right? He is excited to play. I will be posting pictures soon. Our parade is Saturday at 9:30am. All of the boys are excited. I hope the weather is nice for them. Go Muddies Go!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Top 11

Tonight was so much better. Everyone seemed to be very comfortable on stage. There were only a few bad performances. Can you guess? I hope they don't repeat "British Invasion" night. I'd rather see Lionel Richie.

Here they are in no particular order.

1. Haley Scarnato (The Exciters “Tell Him”) - She was really good. Totally in a comfort zone. I bet Simon will remember her now.

2.Chris Richardson (Gerry & the Pacemakers’ “Don’t Let the Sun Get You Cryin’”) Very good solid performance. I do think that this was one of his best songs to date. What a cutie.

3. Stephanie Edwards (Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”) I didn't care for her tonight. She is in my bottom three.

4. Chris Sligh (The Zombies’ “She’s Not There”) I like it. Not his best but it was good. I don't like the panning of the crowd. He seemed out of breath too. Poor thing.

5. LaKisha Jones (Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever”) I loved her dress!! She sounded great. I hope she goes far. She captured the song.

6. Blake Lewis (The Zombies “Time of the Season”) For a song that I loathe I liked is version. He is so cool. And he sounded great! He really doesn’t have the range or depth vocally of many of the others but he makes up for it in charisma, confidence and modernity. Way to go Blake. Hate the pants though.

7. Jordin Sparks Shirley Bassey’s “I (Who Have Nothing)" What a depressing song. She has an awesome voice and seems to get better every week. She is Brett's personal favorite. She looked super tall tonight.

8. Melinda Doolittle (Oliver soundtrack’s “As Long As She Needs Me”) This song literally put me to sleep. She has a great voice, but was boring.

9. Phil Stacey (The Nashville Teens’ “Tobacco Road”) What a great song choice he made. He doesn't have very strong vocals but it was good and entertaining.

10. Gina Glocksen (The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black”) I really didn't like her performance. It felt was if she was trying too hard.

11. Sanjaya Malakar (The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”) Simon said it all. That little girl crying in the audience was perfect. I felt the same way....... Bad, just bad. What was up with the producers showing her repeatedly. I wanted to cry too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trent's Baseball Schedule

Thursday- 3/29/2007-7:30pm -Warren Holder Park - Locust Grove
Saturday-3/31/2007-1:00pm -
North Ola Park
Tuesday-4/10/2007-6:00pm -
North Ola Park
North Ola Park
Saturday-4/21/2007-11:30am -
North Forty Park - Hampton
Saturday-4/28/2007-11:30am -
North Ola Park
Monday-4/30/2007-7:30pm -
Warren Holder Park - Locust Grove
North Ola Park
Tuesday-5/8/2007-7:30pm -North Ola Park
Saturdat-5/12/2007-11:30am-North Ola Park
Saturday-5/19/2007-11:30am North Ola Park
Warren Holder Park Locust Grove
Tuesday-5/29/2007-6:00pm North Ola Park
Friday- 6/1/2007-7:30pm-North Ola Park
Saturday- 6/2/2007-11:30am-North Ola Park

Monday, March 19, 2007

So Tired!

I am so tired from the weekend. It was race weekend so I had to work at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I really enjoy it though.
Poor little Trent. He was suppose to go Friday and Saturday to the track with Brett, but Friday morning his teacher called me at work. He had slept through their movie that morning and she could tell that he didn't feel good. But when she asked him he said that he was fine. He knew that if he was sick he couldn't go to the races. He tried to fight it but the teacher knew. Ms. Phillips said that he begged her not to call me, but she took his temperature and it was 101.7. Brett was off so he went and picked him up for me. Brett was suppose to meet me at the track so mom took him back to the doctor. Dr. Lee said that he was extremely dehydrated and told him to drink plenty of Gatorade type drinks but lay off milk. He had some sort of virus. So he stayed with mom. But he was 100% better the next day so we let him go to the track for a while. He was all smiles and has been fine ever since. (Although now he won't drink milk at all because the "doctor told him not to" ~~His lungs were a lot better.
This week will be busy. For all who is interested his Opening Day is Saturday. The parade starts at 9:30am at Ola Elem and they march to the field. He has a tournament game on Thursday night. I am busy making posters and fun stuff for the float.
And Thanks to Mom for keeping Trent and Alyssa on Friday night and then Alyssa on Saturday. (She is the one that is propbably tired.) Haha!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Tidbits

I am not shocked that the "boy" in still hanging in there on American Idol. For those wondering why the prince look a like is still there here is your answer.
Take a moment to look at the web site. Last year they promoted the "Chicken Little" kid and the year before was John, the red headed crooner. Remember him? So we must all step it up and vote for who was the best voice.

Also, did anyone catch the new show last night "October Road". It came on after Grey's Anatomy. I really liked it. Most of the scenes were filmed here in the fall. Here is a cool article about it. Don't think i won't be scouting out the town to be in a few background scenes.

On the new ABC drama "October Road," debuting at 10:01 tonight for a six-episode run, Garrett is fictional, played by Bryan Greenberg ("One Tree Hill").
Knights Ridge is pure fiction as well, played lovingly by metro Atlanta.
In interviews last week, and on the set in December, executive producers and actors praised Atlanta, saying the area provided vistas that were in some ways better even than New England, especially those magical leaves shot this past October through December.
"From a cinematic standpoint, the colors we got during the fall were amazing," Greenberg said. "I think it really makes the show come alive." (Thanks to a cooler, wetter fall than normal, Atlanta did have a "superb" fall for foliage, said Greg Levine, Trees Atlanta program director.)
With its wide variety of oaks, pines and maples as well as a diverse stock of older homes, metro Atlanta can double as a Northern city and, thanks to the warmer weather, "we have longer shooting seasons," said Bill Thompson, director of the state's Film, Video and Music Office.
Indeed, Georgia's milder, less volatile weather and state tax incentives led Touchstone Television and ABC to Georgia, said Scott Rosenberg, an executive producer on the show, who also wrote the screenplay for the 1996 Matt Dillon film "Beautiful Girls."
"Being from New England, I was initially hesitant to shoot down here," Rosenberg said, "but Atlanta blew us away."
The show, which also stars Tom Berenger ("Platoon") as Garrett's dad and Laura Prepon ("That '70s Show") as the ex-girlfriend Garrett left behind, used the scenic town squares of Madison and Newnan for Knights Ridge.
For instance, Ye Olde Colonial Restaurant in Madison became Mighty Murph's Sub Shop, where Garrett runs into his ex-girlfriend in the pilot episode. October Road, the show's namesake that supposedly splits Knights Ridge between the blue-collar neighborhoods and the college, is actually Farmer Street in Newnan.
Agnes Scott College, the Decatur women's college with its classic Gothic architecture, subs for most of Dufresne College, a fictional liberal arts school where Garrett gets a teaching job.
"It's good visibility for the college," Agnes Scott publicist Lee Dancy said after previewing flattering clips of the campus from the show, which strategically blocked out the very Southern magnolia trees. The show also used a home just a few blocks away to play Garrett's childhood abode, adding the white picket fence for effect.
Atlanta's famous Oakland Cemetery gets a few minutes in the sun in Episode 2, when Garrett visits his mom's grave. Nearby, Grant Park is the site of a pivotal pumpkin festival scene in Episode 3.
The director "wanted a very classic gazebo," said John Findley, the show's location manager. "It was beautiful while they were shooting. The way they lit the hardwoods, it was perfect."
Indoor scenes, including Sully's bar, where the major characters congregate, were done in a studio not far from Six Flags.
The vaunted fall colors aren't readily apparent in the first episode, which was shot in March 2006, when trees were budding. To try to simulate fall, the prop department brought in 60,000 to 80,000 silk leaves to scatter about and attach to trees, according to executive producer André Nemec. But for the second episode, when just a day had elapsed in fictional time but more than seven months in real time , the producers didn't need to use any fake foliage at all.
While the "October Road" setting may resemble a town 900 miles north, the accents are distinctly amorphous — by design.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here Is Your top 12?

What a huge disappointment the performances were. I can't believe that this was the top 12. The guys better step up their game.
Diana Ross night, huh. BORING. How much work do you think she has had done to herself over the years. I'm afraid that something is living in that hair!!

1. Brandon Rogers (“You Can’t Hurry Love”)- and you can't forget your words. Not a great way to start the night. Good thing for him he was first to sing. Maybe by the end of the night when everyone goes to vote they would have forgotten that and vote for him. One piece of advice, Don't Ever, Ever Stop the song when you forget the words. Keep going. And No, Brett Phil Collins isn't the originator of that song.

2. Melinda Doolittle (“Home” from the Wiz) - aka the squinter. Doesn't she always though? Give this girl a contract. She came to win. Awesome. Eventhough she was great I think Paula overdid the crying game. Paula is definitely on something.

3. Chris Sligh (“Endless Love”) - The entire song sounded off. Where is Lionel Richie when you need him? I hated the arrangement of the song. It was BAD. But his actual voice wasn't. Dude, keep your glasses on.

4. Gina Glocksen (“Love Child”)- Great song choice. She sounded really good and had alot of energy. Rocker girl.

5. Sanjaya Malakar (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”) -Dude got a perm! That's the least of his worries. Go Home Already!! The band drowned him out thank God.

6. Haley Scarnato (“Missing You”)- Poor, poor girl. She may get the boot tonight. She whispered half of the song. And what was that bow in the middle of her dress about? She forgot the words and cried. Hold it together, my friend. She actually looked like she was going to puke. Poor thing.

7 .Phil Stacey (“I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”) He is on the verge of giving me the creeps. He had great vocals and a good song choice, but something is off with him. He was just Ok.

8. Lakisha Jones (“God Bless the Child”) aka Kiki. I personally didn't like the song choice but she sang it well. She has an awesome voice. Doesn't need to wear white though. Her heart comes through as she sings and she does have a very controlled performance.

9. Blake Lewis (“You Keep Me Hangin’ On”) - Revamped version. I really like him. Awesome dancing, great vocal. Let's put on our roller blades and go to the skating rink. Simon says he didn't get it. What? AWESOME.

10. Stephanie Edwards (“Love Hangover”)- I didn't care for this performance. And her dress was hideous.

11. Chris Richardson (“The Boss”) I know that he didn't have many Diana Ross songs to chose from. He did the best he could. His personality came through in this song. He worked the camera but wasn't cheesy about it.

12. Jordin Sparks (“If We Hold on Together”) She really shined during this performance. She would be perfect for the Disney channel. Great song choice and needs to work on the low notes in a song.

Tonight comes the dreaded group songs. When do the "Ford Focus" commercial start? Those are always fun to make fun of.

Monday, March 12, 2007

This is what I thought my little girl would look like........ I love this picture of me at 8 years old!!!

To be taking a picture my hair is really stringy.... And who cut my bangs???

Funny story... On Friday we where having a conversation about who was the boss in our house. I asked Trent expecting that he would say me. He looks at us and says.... Jesus, God, and Santa Claus are the bosses in our house... Funny!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Just wanted to say Happy 32nd Birthday to my husband.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alyssa is feeling a lot better. We were able to attend my nephew's 6th birthday party with all of the cousins. Here are some great pictures.

I told the boys to look mean. I guess they got it......
Great picture of Alyssa and Uncle Bud!!

I felt sorry for Uncle Danny. He had to hold the stick up. Check out those swings!!
Great picture of them all!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mommy, I sick.....

Alyssa has been sick with a fever these last couple of days. Mom has been graciously watching her and then tag teaming with Brett and I so she can go to her appointments and such.

This is how bad she felt last night...... She just laid there all night. After sitting in the bath for a long period of time we got her out and laid her on the couch with "The Little Mermaid" on. I don't think that she watched it though. I made her place a cold rag on little forehead. Of course neither Brett nor I got much sleep last night. She was so hot. We stripped her down and I replaced the cold rag all night. Both of my kids cheeks get bright red when they are sick. We are tag teaming again today.

On another note....... I didn't get to watch AI last night but I listened to it on the kitchen radio. And I am appalled that neither "the stripper" or "prince look alike" went home. I think the judges were shocked too. Do I feel a boycott???
Cute little Trent story....... Yesterday morning I was placing Trent's snack into his book bag when I noticed my good prescription glasses laying at the bottom of his bag. I asked him what he was doing with them and explained that mommy's glasses are very expensive. He said, "Mom, Hayden at school lost his on the playground and his parents are going to be mad. He can't see to do his work." Precious child...... A modern day, Robin Hood.