Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random Stuff

I know. Its been awhile. I guess I really haven't had much to say. I am so glad that the Fall Season is here and with that Fall premieres. Did anyone catch any new shows last week? I watched Bionic Woman (Wed @ 10) it was really good and Big Shots (ABC @ 10) it was good too. Thank God for my DVR. I usually tape most shows and watch them when I can. I must say that I was alittle disappointed in Prison Break. Poor Wentworth Miller has to wear long sleeves in 110 weather because of those tattoos from last season. But I must say that the show has jumped ship alittle. Private Practice was good. Mr Kellerman from Prison Break is the Pediatrician on the show. He is really funny.
Dances with Stars is one of the shows that Brett and I will actually watch together. I used to take ballroom dancing when I was in the 5th grade so I wish that was me on TV. The show is great!
Fall Ball finally started yesterday. They finally won 12-4!! i had been so nervous. Isn't that crazy. i think something is wrong with me because I actually couldn't sleep Friday night and had a nervous stomach all morning. But in the end they played well and gave it their all and that is what matters. (or thats what I keep telling myself)
After the game yesterday I took the kids to Ola High School for their festival. The kids had a blast. (Sorry no pictures) They had some great games. Tossing a ping pong ball in a cup for a gold fish and paying to have someone put in jail. Trent wanted to try for the gold fish so I let him. I mean those cups were so small there was no way he could possibly get that ball in the cup. Well I am sitting here looking at "Rodney". His new goldfish!!! I should have known he could go that! Alyssa of course wanted to be put in jail so they let her in! She had a blast in there with the teachers and other kids. They both came home with spray painted hair.
Oh and Please ray for Trent and I. He must memorize a 1 page poem. And that's not easy for him or I. I have it memorized already.Thank goodness we have 23 days to do it.
and` Go Tech they beat Clemson.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month!!!

As some of you are aware a friend of mine's daughter, Abby, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March 2006. I have been updating most of you with her condition though out the year.

At her time of diagnosis I was so unaware of the "Cancer Comminuty" within our community. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I encourage you to donate ........

Childhood Cancer Awareness

A few things......

There has been nothing exciting going on in the Barfield house. Just ball practice and Tech games........

But I always do have a few good stories....

A couple of weeks ago Trent came home with a school project. He had to do a presentation to the class regarding a career. He had to pick someone in the family, interview them and then go to school and present the interview. As I was reading the instructions to Trent he started to panic. He did not want to get infront of the teacher or class and do this. I explained that it was a work assignment and that he had no choice. Then he started to tear up. "But mom, I don't have anyone to do it on. You and daddy don't do anything." He was so upset. I was trying hard not to laugh. I guess in his mind we don't. The couple of times that Trent has come to work with us we probably didn't do anything. I thought Brett working out at Delta with the planes and all would have been cool. But Trent didn't think so, I guess. He asked my dad. I guess the telephone man is cooler. And my dad was proud too. (i will post some pictures later on today) We worked on the presentation everynight. He practiced infront of the neighbors, to help him get over his stage fright. In the end he did awesome. He was so proud of himself.
Alyssa has been well------Alyssa. She has been on orange for the last week. The teacher says that she mostly gets her card pulled at nap time. This girl just doesn't need sleep. I can never get her to bed at night and her teacher says that at nap time it takes forever for her to be still. But when she finally is still---- she is out. Ms. Julie has been great. She has started giving Alyssa special assignments during nap time so she won't disturb the other students. She still loves taking dance at school. I can't wait for the end of the year recital.
Brett's cousin's child, who was our flower girl years ago, was invited to dance at Julliard for her Junior year of high school. She is an awesome ballet dancer. She is 16 and just moved to New York to attend a "Fame" like school. That's so cool. I know with Alyssa's condition that is out of reach for her, but a mother can dream.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Alyssa wanted to sing for the camera!!!! So here she is!!

I can't believe Labor Day has come and gone so quickly. I am so ready for fall to be here. Fall is my favorite. Although fall is a very busy time for us. Both kids birthday's on in the fall and fall ball games start on the 29th. Maybe our team will be alittle better this season.

On Thursday night Trent told me that his underarm was hurting. So I lifted up his shirt and saw this.

I gasped!!!! What the???? I couple of weeks ago he complained of something itching. I looked and saw what I thought was some sort of bite that he had scratched open. But he never complained about it after that, so I didn't think about it again. Because if he was hurting EVERYONE would know. I had gotten two different opinions, poison ivy verses a bite. I took him to see the dermatologist on Friday and they said it was differently infected and thought it was some kind of virus. etc. etc. I got some meds for it. and I am watching it closely.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I thought this was funny!!!!!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekly Update

Sorry I've been a slacker. Our new Kohls and Penny's opens at the end of the month and I have been extremely busy at work. And I guess outside of work too.

On Monday of last week I got to work early and opened my email like I do every morning. As I sat there at 7:40am reading my email my eyes caught an incoming email from some dear friends. I opened it and began to sob. I friend of mine had succumbed to her cancer the day before after a three year battle. She was 36. Her sister and I have known each other since we were little and clogged together. (Poor Bill, in my office~ thanks for asking if there was anything you could do) So on Wednesday my mother and I took the first flight out to Baltimore. They had moved there three years ago to be near John Hopkins for Jenn's treatment. The funeral was so nice. There were several people from out of town. Afterwards there was a memorial reception at the Hilton. Needless to say her parents were shocked to see mom and I there because we hadn't told them we were coming.

Mom and my experience was needless to say "an experience." We rented a car and the funeral home was "according to google" 1 hour away. ( We had to fly into Washing DC) Well of course all the directions we had were different from one another, so we got lost. I had a brisk view of the White House and surrounding landmarks. Our plane landed about 9:10 and we arrived near the funeral home about 11:30. The service wasn't until 2:00 so we grabbed a bite to eat. After reception we got directions from the Hilton back to the airport. our flight was to leave at 7:55pm. Because of the rush hour traffic we left the Hilton around 4:30pm. The Hilton had given us the directions to the wrong Airport. It was horrible being in a city and not knowing where to go. One 1/2 hours later realizing the mistake we finally got to Ronald Reagan Airport with 30 minutes before takeoff. We returned the rental car and ran through the airport to the gate. It was empty. Thinking we missed the flight I started to panic. It was only delayed because of the weather in Atlanta. It was going to be an hour late. So after all of that we sat and sat and sat. Our plane was an MD 88 and we got the worst seats 37A-B, right at the engine. I arrived safe in my bed at 1:00am. It was a very emotional day with alot of reflection. I know Jennifer will be missed by all especially her husband and daughter, who is 4.