Wednesday, April 25, 2007

School Picutres

Both the kids school pictures turned out really good this time. I give myself a pat on the back for choosing their colors perfectly to match the back grounds.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Top 6

This week "Let's Save the World." No coaches this week, they were all on their own. Now it's do or die. I think everyone of them has the potential to be in the final two. It's all about song choice. has decided to pull for Phil Stacey. So let's see if he makes it further than the others.

1. Chris Richardson (Eric Clapton’s “Change the World”) He did pretty good tonight. I am not a big Eric Clapton fan, but Chris sang it well. Let's just see if he will hang on.

2. Melinda Doolittle (Faith Hill’s “There Will Come a Day”) I love this song. Of course no big surprise that she did very well. I don't think that it was better than Faith but it was close.

3. Phil Stacey (“The Change” by Garth Brooks) Again, way way too much makeup. And his face is so thin. He looks like a cancer patient. I have to give him props because he is no dumby. He knew that he sang well last week with country and decided to stick to it this week. I really liked his performance. Let's see if works for him.

4. Blake Lewis (John Lennon’s “Imagine”) I was very disappointed with Blake. He is loosing the WOW he once had. It was just ok for me. I think that he will be in the bottom this week. I miss the beat box.

5. LaKisha Jones (Fantasia’s “I Believe”) What has the girl thinking singing Fantasia's big release song. Even though I like KiKi alot better than Tasia, I think that was a big mistake on her part. She might go because there are three African Americans in the competition and she is running last right now.

6. Jordin Sparks (“You’ll Never Walk Alone” from “Cabaret”. ) This girl has got it together. She seems to get better every week. She has a very bright future ahead of her. I think I will back her from now on. Only 17 too wow.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Menudo Reforming for MTV Reality Series

Does anyone else remember them? I loved them. I would wake up on Saturday mornings, turn it to ABC and watch their video. I thought they were awesome. I recently watched a rerun of Silver Spoons with them as guest stars. Yeah. Not as cool as I remember them. Then


MIAMI (AP) -- The Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, which gave singer Ricky Martin his start, is coming back as part of an "American Idol"-style reality show.Dozens of Latino teenagers showed up for auditions Saturday at a waterfront market in Miami, the Miami Herald reported. Judges included Johnny Wright, the music manager behind New Kids on the Block, 'NSync and the Backstreet Boys, and Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough.Menudo was one of the most popular boy bands of the 1980s and '90s, rotating in new talent every few years when the singers got old or their voices changed."We're going to make it a little different than it was before," Wright told the Herald. "The beat is going to be the beats of the street now — club, hip-hop and rock. It's not going to be something that's pigeonholed."Seven boys from auditions being held around the country will be picked to film the series "The Road to Menudo," airing next month on MTV Tr3s, MTV's bilingual Latin-American channel.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Top 7

Ok. I really love country music night and Martina McBride. If you haven't ever seen her in concert, she is awesome. I thought that many of the singers tonight would have a problem with the country side of themselves and I was right. I was shocked on how bad some were.
1. Phil Stacey (Keith Urban’s “Where the Blacktop Meets’) He finally found a home. He had never done a country type song before and it was surprisingly great. He might have redeemed himself. He should stick to country music.
2. Jordin Sparks (Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing”) This is one of my favorite songs to sing. I would have been so nervous singing in front of Martina too. Even though I thought that some of the notes were really raspy sounding, she was clearly the best one of the night, by far. She might just won the whole thing.
3. Sanjaya Malakar (Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About”) “I chose the song because I often give people something to talk about,” he said. He would be better off just resigning from the competition. The confidence he has in himself is ridiculous. He needs to go. Simon definitely doesn't think that him being there is funny anymore.
4. LaKisha Jones (Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel”) She had guts taking on a Carrie Underwood song. It was bad. I agree with Paula about the shouting aspect and some of the notes were just off. By the look on her face she knew it too. She just chose the wrong song and didn't put enough "soul" into it.She is still awesome though.
5.Chris Richardson (Rascal Flatt’s “Mayberry”) Even though he sounded a lot like the lead singer for Rascal Flatt's, he definitely chose the wrong song I think. He was all over the place. I am afraid if Sanjaya goes though Chris will be gone.
6. Melinda Doolittle (Julie Reeves’ “Trouble is a Woman”) I have never heard this song before either, Martina. But I liked it. Which brings me to the question? There are no black-women country singers are there? I wonder why... Melinda could pull if off. She sounded amazing. But then again she does every week. I really liked her hair straighten. It made her look younger.
7. Blake Lewis (Tim McGraw’s “When the Stars Go Blue”) Perfect song choice I thought. But I wonder what Tim McGraw is thinking. ( I know Tim's fans probably didn't like it) He brings his sense of style to every song. He should have worn different clothes though. For the first time I thought that he looked really nervous in the face, especially when he was trying to hit those falsetto notes.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh Yes! Hear This!!

I must say that Alyssa really can sing. I am totally impressed with her ability and not just because she is my daughter. I have been trying to teach her different things every week. First it was her whole name then her birthday etc. As usual one night a couple of weeks ago she would not go to sleep. So I decided to talk to her until she got sleepy. I decided to recite nursery rhymes. I taught her Little Miss Muffit. I made her repeat it back to me several times. She learned it fast. So know she can recite it back to me. We'll last night she was in a performing mood so of course I grabbed my camera...... This is the video I plan to use on Alyssa's True Hollywood Story /Before They Where Stars one day.......

Alyssa's Big Voice

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our little chickie.

Here is a picture of our little chicken. You just put the egg in water and after several days the egg hatched. Pretty cool huh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Top 8

Sorry guys for no post last week.

This week was Latin Night with Jennifer Lopez. ( It should have been Gloria Estefan night though) Every year its the same songs sung for Latin night. They need to mix it up every year.
J-Lo seemed so down to earth. I really like her. I am dying to know who her favorite is.

1. Melinda Doolittle (“Sway”) I liked her version of the song but it wasn't Wow. She may make it to the bottom three, just because she was first and people seem to forget about who goes first.

2. LaKisha Jones (Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga”) - How many times has this been sung for Latin night? It was ok. I couldn't get past the fact that she didn't pronounce most of the words right. That was distracting. Her voice was good though. Bad choice of dress. She literally was coming out of it, everywhere.

3. 8- Haley Scarnato (Gloria Estefan’s version of “Turn the Beat Around”) Poor Haley! She is just so ordinary and forgettable. I know she gets the guys vote with those legs. (Although that back shot of the back of her legs didn't do her justice) But she just isn't a great singer. She sounded so rushed. Diana DeGarmo did a much better job back in 2004. Too much makeup tonight.
4. Chris Richardson (Santana’s “Smooth”) He was smooth. At first I thought he sounded too low. Even though his vocals are almost overwhelmed by the band at times he pulled it through. He sounds more and more like Justin Timberlake every week.
5. Phil Stacey (Santana’s “Maria Maria”) I am over him. He voice was crackling and he just looks weird. It sounded great in spots but overall I was missing the goose bumps that J-Lo got. bottom three definitely.
6.Blake Lewis (Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know”) - This is one of my favorite songs from back in the day. I just love this kid. He rocks. Everything he does brings the song to life. He just glides on his feet. I agree with Simon about it being the best performance of the night. Maybe he is J-Lo favorite.
7. Jordin Sparks (Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm’s Gonna Get Ya”) I know that she is just 17, but I think she is acting the part a little. Too Goofy. I didn't like her version. Blah! I say.
8. Sanjaya Malakar (“Busame Mucho”) Do I really need to comment on this guy. T_I_R_E_D of him. Just go away already. And what’s up with that facial hair? He can almost grow a mustache.
On another note. ..... Does anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? Apollo rocks and so does Joey. I can't get over Ian from 90210. I still think of him as dorky Steve.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Day!

What a cold Easter Day! We were all bundled up! Here are some good pictures at the Maloy Easter Egg Hunt. We all decided to still have it at Papa's house this year and it was the best turn out we have had in a while. Papa would have been proud. Alyssa finally had another little girl to play with. She was so excitited. We let the little ones start hunting early. Trent had a ball with all of his cousins. My favorite is of Alyssa and her first cousin Dylan. They look alittle alike to me. Alyssa won the prize for the least number of eggs found. (42) And Thank you Megan for letting her eat the prize!!

Check out the studs on the last row~~ Cousin Patrick, Brett and Cousin Rich.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007


We bravely took Alyssa and Trent to the funeral home on Tuesday night. Alyssa proudly put on her "princess dress" that Cousin Megan gave her. She loved the dress but I think it was because it came from Meg. The kids did pretty well. Trent was sweet saying goodbye to his "Old Papa." He was really close to him. Last year he was able to get off the bus everyday at his house and spend time there. Man, how things will change.

Shrimp Scampy

I never gave Brett credit for his Shrimp Scampi. He found Red Lobster's recipe on the Internet and cooked it. The presentation was off but it tasted just like the restaurant. Here it is........
I was really impressed!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In Memory of Joseph Rosser Maloy

Monday, April 02, 2007

MUSCATS VS-Pirates & Weekend Stuff

We'll we lost again. 15-3. Trent made an out at third and had two really good hits. The coach was not there so Keith and Brett had to take charge. We really didn't play all that bad. It was the best team in our age group. Trent did well that's all that counts. (Or that's what I keep telling myself) After the game we had a birthday party to go to . It was fun. Alyssa had a blast because there was another little girl to play with. Everyone behaved and enjoyed themselves, so that was nice.
This week is spring break. That's hard to believe. We don't have anything planned but on Thursday I am going to surprise Trent with a trip to Six Flags. Brett's Papa isn't expected to make it through this week so we will just have to wait and see. On Wednesday the daycare is taking the big kids to skate. So he is excited about that.
It's hard to believe that Easter is this Sunday. We haven't even gone to see the Easter Bunny yet. No dress, no eggs and no baskets. I better get to movin'.