Friday, July 31, 2009

Open House

I took Thursday and Friday off this week to spend some time with the kids and get some things done before school starts on Monday. Thursday I worked at the school and then they had Open House. Alyssa was so excited to be there. Both kids seem to have great teachers this year. I am very excited for them. Trent is alittle nervous because he thinks that 4th grade is going to be hard. Alyssa went right into her room, found her seat and began to color. The school looks awful big for her. I can't believe that its already time for her to be in kindergarten. I had a meeting with the Student Support Teacher @ 8:30 to discuss her bones. I was very surprised when I arrived that her teacher, the SST teacher, the Vice Principal, the Nurse, the After School Teacher, and the Counselor were all there. They were very interested in her condition and alot nervous as to what to expect. So this should be interesting.....
Friday the 4 of us went to Six Flags. I didn't take my camera because it was raining and of course now I wish I would have. It was Alyssa's first time there. She loved the Mine Train. We saw every character up close and personal too..... They were walking around everywhere. Trent rode everything we could and that we did. He had it made. With the parent swap he got to ride everything twice in a row. Once with me and once with Brett.
We left around 5pm. Brett and Trent were off to the mountains for a hiking/camping trip. They hiked 7 miles on Saturday then camped along the Appalachian Trail. Trent said he wanted to camp again but not hike. Poor things.. It stormed on them Saturday night. But I think they had fun fishing too.
Alyssa spent the night with my sister so besides working 10-2 at the ball fields on Saturday. I had the entire day to myself. Heather and I went to lunch and movie. Then I went school shopping down at Tanger. It was nice.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crack is Wack

U.S. Swimmer Ricky Berens cracked under pressure at the World Swimming Championships in Rome yesterday -- and suddenly people cared about competitive water sports again.

Berens' wet wardrobe malfunction -- caused by a pre-swim stretch -- only made him more aerodynamic... he helped the U.S. win the gold medal... by a split second.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Forgotten Post~

From 7/7/09 ~~~

Alyssa has lost another tooth. That makes 2 bottom teeth gone. I can't believe it. Seems alittle early to me. An upper tooth is also loose. This tooth fell out at school and of course the tooth had gotten lost by the end of the day. Ms. Julie was so nice to replace the tooth with a piece of rice and placed it in a tooth necklace. Alyssa was so proud. And the little stinker didn't think that I would notice that it wasn't her "tooth" in the necklace.

Because of her Brittle Bones her teeth are worrisome to me. They look good so far, but who know what the permanent ones look like.

Because of Trent's use of the inhalers for his asthma his teeth need to be whitened. Poor thing they are so stained, although it bothers me more than him. He has a bad bite and a crowding issue so braces are definitely in his future. Estimated cost..... our Out Of Pocket $3,500. Holy Smokes....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Great Weekend.

As summer is starting to wind down, we are gearing up for busy weeks ahead! We started off this weekend going school shopping. I took Alyssa to her favorite mall. It was a girls morning. She is so picky with the clothes that she wants to wear to I decided to let her pick them out. (within reason) We ended our shopping with a visit to Build A Bear. She made Tony Furry, a 6 year old who will be starting kindergarten this year. And he just had to have glasses too. (picture a little later)

Saturday night we went to Bretts Cousin's house for a little get together. Trent has been asking me all summer when he could swim there.
Rich posing with Tony Furry. Cute how they match huh?
Cousin Becky with my nephew Peyton.

Kevin~ we missed you there.

Now THAT is a Slip-n-Slide....
This is how we spent Sunday afternoon.
And thanks to Wayne... the kids are now really bruised. haha.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Poolside at the Lamb's

We were invited to a pool party on Saturday. It was so nice to be able to see everyone and their families.
All summer Alyssa has been begging me to let her swim without her life vest and I always say no because normally it's just me and the kids and I just feel better if she had it on.
Saturday night Ms. Jan said that she would be in the pool too and would watch her and she talked me into letting her so in without them
I didn't realize that Alyssa is an Olympic swimmer. Without any assistance she jumped right in and swam. Look below at her back flip in the water. HOLY COW. She would throw in the dive sticks and retrieve them all by herself. It was amazing. I had no clue.

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Pool Party with Friends

Jackson surfing around!

Fun on the swing set!
Brian and Shannon playing around.
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Monday, July 06, 2009

July 4th Weekend

We had a great relaxing July 4th weekend. Brett and I were both off on Friday so we took the kids on a picnic to Stone Mountain. We found a perfect picnic area. Look below.... do you see the deer and fawn in the picture.

Saturday I took the kids to High Falls water park. It was a perfect day to swim. Both Alyssa and Trent had a blast.