Monday, September 29, 2008

Cute Story

Sweet Boy "Ms. Nancy, I can make the earth out of play dough."
Nancy "You can? Are you God, cause God made the earth."
Caleb "Then I am God too, cause I can make the earth too."

Sweet Boy " No, Caleb. There is only one God, you have to be Jesus."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alyssa's Day at Southern Belle Farm

Alyssa had her first Field Trip last week. I couldn't get the time off of work so her Nanny went with her. Poor Nanny, was so tired after spending the day with 40 (4-5) year olds. Thanks Nanny!!

This is Alyssa and her friend Cameron.

Alyssa walking in the corn maze. I heard that Alyssa, Nanny, Cameron and Ms. Julie had a hard time finding their way out!
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Alyssa just loved to play in the corn!
Taking a break with her pumpkin.
Eating ice cream with her class.
Here is a great picture of all of the K-4 students, their teachers and the director of the Academy!
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Friday, September 26, 2008


This morning was wanted to blog about last nights episode of ER. I couldn't find the words to express my self~ Someone at TV Guide did that for me.

As I prepped for tonight’s episode, it suddenly hit me that for the last fifteen years, ER has been a part of my life; next September, it won’t be. I guess that it’s true that all good things must come to an end and with that in mind, tonight’s tragic loss was a fitting, though truly sad, beginning to the final leg of this journey.

Greg Pratt wasn’t always an easy character to love, or even like for that matter. However, over the years Pratt matured from a brash, headstrong know-it-all into a poised and gifted doctor and a beloved character in the ER. It was a fitting tribute that so many of the people he worked with, mentored and loved were a part of his final moments. As Neela, Gates, Abby, Sam and Morris all valiantly tried to save his life in the wake of the ambulance explosion, the most gut-wrenching scene for me was when the severity of his injuries became clear and the tears streamed down his face while his friends desperately tried to help him. I imagine there are few things scarier than being a doctor in the midst of your own trauma, understanding the extent of the danger and the fear in the faces of the people trying to save you.

As I write this recap, I am literally still trying to catch my breath from all the crying I did tonight. As Pratt’s half-brother Chaz, Haleh and Neela wheeled Pratt’s lifeless body through the ER for the last time, the sadness was overwhelming. I will admit to you all that I cried hysterically during that scene and I'm sure I wasn't alone. I’ve written before how it is the secondary characters that have added depth and kept the history of the show alive and this was true again tonight. As Malik, Haleh and Chuny all looked on, Frank ran to push the elevator button and gave Pratt a touching final tap on the shoulder. It was also appropriate that mention was made of Luka being at the funeral, Kerry sending a fruit basket and Carter’s gift from Africa, a place where Pratt had visited and grown, as both a doctor and a person.

The posthumous announcement that Pratt was going to be ER chief definitely stung, but even worse for me was Archie’s heart-breaking scene with Bettina as he handed her the engagement ring that Pratt had in his pocket. As the staff gathered at Ike’s for their own memorial to Pratt, we were reminded that the past will continue to play a role in this story. As in real life, tragic and inexplicable things happen to good people, but life goes on. Time and time again, ER has covered this territory so well, which is one of the main reasons so many of us have come back every fall for fifteen years. This final season will surely be filled with tears, reminiscences and familiar faces. But for me, I think it is very important to avoid overshadowing the stories of the past seven years with contrived, ratings-grabbing stunts. The original cast definitely caught lightning in a bottle but George Clooney, Anthony Edwards and Eriq La Salle passed the torch to actors such as Mekhi Phifer who in turn kept us riveted with their complex, nuanced performances no matter where the writers took us. It is my hope that the series stays true to those stories and gives us the ending that the fans and cast deserve.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Does anyone else feel offended when the automatic freshener in a public restroom goes off when you are in there? Didn't know if it was just me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well we are back home from the land of the Mouse. We had a lot of fun. There are many stories to share and I took over 400 pictures!! Here are some of my favorites.......

On Sunday we had made reservations to eat lunch with the Princesses. Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine were there. It was a memory that I won't ever forget. Even though Alyssa isn't a "girly" girl and it took all that I had to get her into the Snow White Costume, her faced turned magical when Belle came into the room. It was enough to bring me to tears.

Alyssa, Katie and AnnaCarroll. What great little princesses!!

When we got back to the hotel the first day we had a surprise in our window! The kids were so excited.

Monday all 25 of us had reservations for a character breakfast with the Winnie the Pooh characters in the Magic Kingdom.

Notice the absence of Eeyore.... Funny Story....

Eeyore was last to come around.... The cast members had all of the children in a parade line to dance around the restaurant. Alyssa was second in line right behind him. As the parade ended she came up behind him to give him a hug. Poor Eeyore didn't see her and totally just knocked her down to the ground. Of course Alyssa wasn't hurt at all but was just embarrassed. She ran to me crying.. Bad momma I couldn't help but laugh. The cast members scrambled to get Alyssa to smile again. I said Alyssa just got trambled by a donkey.... Brett replied under his breath.... "Jack Ass" We all had a very good laugh. They gave Alyssa a Tinker Bell pin. But she wouldn't get close to him for a picture. So we got Granddaddy instead.....

This is my all time favorite picture.... All of the cousins!!!!!

Jeff "took one for the team" and rode the Tea Cups with the kids! Thanks Jeff.... We wouldn't have made it!

On Tuesday we went to the Animal Kingdom... This was the sweetest character greet on the vacation. Alyssa loves Pluto. She had a Pluto tattoo on her arm that day. Her faced lit up when she saw him. And Pluto made a huge deal when he saw her tattoo. Trent's favorite character is Goofy. I got so excited for them this is where I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses. But it was worth it....

Tuesday Night the Magic Kingdom closed early for a Halloween Party. It was worth every extra bit of money that we spent to get in. There were no (and I mean no) wait for any of the rides. People's costumes were so great we stopped several people for a picture. Look at that Joker..... Trent wanted to go as Indiana Jones. He looks great!!!! Alyssa was over the dressing up part and just wanted to go as a K-4 student. It was just way too hot to be Snow White. I didn't have the strength for that battle. Bryce, Trent, Dylan and Alyssa got to go Trick or Treating in the Park.

That night we shut the Magic Kingdom down!! It was mid-night!!

Wednesday we went to my favorite park~ Hollywood Studios. Wayne was picked to be an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show and then we both were extras in the Back Lot Tour Show. It was so much fun!!! In the tour there was a room full of things that they had used in several movies. As we were walking and looking at the different costumes and things, something caught my eye!! Alyssa had climbed over the ropes to form her very own statue!
Here is Trent in the Huge Big Wheel at our hotel.

Other Funny Stories........

The kids were "being kids" one day and were fussing and aggravating the fools out of each other. Brett had finally had enough and pulled up his shirt to reveal his belt. He said something to the effect like "Do you see what I have here, now cut it out." Without missing a beat Trent says, "What~ a fat gut!" Jeff preceded to turn and walk away in laughter. Brett couldn't keep a straight face either.

Later in the week, after the Eeyore trampling, we went into the Christmas Store. I was busy looking at everything and Brett and Jeff had the kiddos also in the store. Alyssa picks up an Eeyore Ornament and in all seriousness says.....'Eeyore You Trampled Me Now Say You're Sorry."

Trent rode everything in all of the parks. Alyssa rode everything that she was tall enough for. She did ride The Tower of Terror and Mt. Everest. She never cried or screamed but just simply said I don't want to ride that again. So of course we didn't make her. Both kids loved the Haunted Mansion.

Through a deal that I got we all enjoyed the Dining Plan for FREE." That is definitely the way to go. We ate like Kings the entire week without paying for any of it...... Our meals (the 4 of us) totalled over $600.00 . We only had to pay for the tips. It was insane. Prime Rib, Chicken, Lobster Tails and every meal came with a dessert. I hope we walked it all off during the day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Story

Monday night Trent had his first scrimmage game on the 9/10 field. It's real baseball. All the rules are the same as MLB and it is kid pitch. (more on that later) Anyway, I had stepped inside of the dug out to get a copy of the line-up when Coach Don was giving the players a "pep talk." At the end he said, "This year I expect you all to behave in the dug out." Do we need a mom in here to babysit yall or can yall be on your own?" In that moment I caught Trent's eye.... All of the other boys were screaming "EEWW no we don't want moms in here." Trent looked at me with that sweet little face and didn't say anything. He just didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day can be traced back to the first national Grandparent's Day in 1978. With the efforts of Marian McQuade of Oak Hill, West Virginia, she has been recognized nationally by The United States Senate, in particular Senator Alphonse D'Amato, and President Carter as the founder of National Grandparents Day. McQuade made it her goal to educate the young in the community to the important contributions senior citizens have made, and to the important contributions they are willing to make if asked. She also urged the young to adopt a grandparent, not for one day a year, not for material giving, but for a lifetime of experience and caring just waiting to be shared with others.
Later that year, Senator
Jennings Randolph (D-WV) introduced a resolution in the United States Senate to make Grandparents Day a national holiday. Five years later in 1978, Congress passed legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day and then-President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation[1].The statute cites the day's purpose as: "... to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer."
The official song of National Grandparents Day is "A Song For Grandma And Grandpa" by Johnny Prill. The official flower is the

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The 1st Annual Snapping Shoals Pig Dig

As Brett grew up his family would have an annual Big Labor Day Cookout. They would prepare for the day for months. The night before the feast the guys would take turns all night and turn the pigs. Yummy BBQ and stew........

It has been 9 years since the last Labor Day Feast. Brett, along with his cousin Megan, decided to get the tradition rolling again. So for the last week we have been cooking, grinding and freezing meat. Holy Cow!! We didn't realize how much work went into it. Don't forget just how big Brett's family is........ While Megan and I organized and prepared the menu Brett worked every day to make sure the pits were dug, the wood was cut and the yard was prepared.

They day before (Saturday) we start the fire and put the pigs on....... Great picture of Jeff tending to the fire.....

The Pigs......

We had signed pairs up to two hour shifts starting at 8pm. We roasted marsh mellows, hot dogs and just sat around fellow shipping with the family.

Turning of the Pig

A picture of Uncle Danny helping Alyssa with her marsh mellows.

Of course what's a party without ROCK BAND.....

The guys stayed up all night to turn the pigs. I left around 11:30 with Alyssa. I said, Come On Trent. Its time to go." He said, "No Mom. Dad said that I could stay up all night. He said that it was all part of the experience." I let him. I knew that he would be out by 12am anyway...

Sunday morning,the day of the Feast, Megan and I received some help from the "older" generation. They helped us cut the meat off of the bone and then BBQ. Thanks yall!

While the ladies are getting the BBQ ready, Rich Steven and Becky stirred the stew.

Trent helped too.

Finally it was time to eat. All 65 of us sat down for a nice dinner. BBQ, stew, chips, potato salad, corn, coleslaw, salad and plenty of desserts. Yum. Yum.


Did any of you watch the new 90210 last night. I DVR'd it then watched it later. I was so curious more than anything. Ok Girls.... Don't deny that you watched 90210 every week. It's ok.

The show was actually just another CW show. They did have some original characters like Kelly, Brenda and the Peach Pit Owner, Nate but nothing special. Maybe others will drop in from time to time.

I was so glad that the creators decided to stay true to the opening credits and theme song. The new was of course more edgy. It pulls just enough from the classic theme but I did miss Brandon's air-punch. (You know what I am talking about.)

Getting Caught Up

I have been extremely busy with life and have failed to post several entries that I wanted. So here they are......... Grandmommy's 60th Birthday........

A couple of weeks ago both Trent and Alyssa had birthday parties to attend.

Trent went to his cousin/friends skating party.......

One of my best friends, Carey, her little girl turned 4. Happy Birthday, Haley.....

Haley's brother, Jaron,(in red) is Trent's age. They look like a gang here.