Friday, January 26, 2007

Got the Bug

Man, I have had the bug for a couple of weeks now. I finally stayed home yesterday after being up ALL Night. Anyway, I did manage to watch my taped American Idol at 2:00 am on Thursday morning. Man, those New York people. I was for sure that New York would have some good talent. But I guess most of them are "trained" singers and way too over the top. One girl~ The one that cried and was waaayyyy to happy. She said that she knew she couldn't sing~ I really think that she attended my acting camp when I was little. It looked just like her. I just can't remember her name. Actors all, actors. I can't wait until Hollywood, but first we travel to Alabama.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not much to say about American Idol last night. It's hard to tell whether they where just a bunch of actors or they really thought that they could sing. Sad. Just Sad. I did like the blues singer though. I would figure that Memphis would have had a better selection than they did. I also thought that they guy with the marching band wasn't that bad. He sounded ok to me.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Monday, January 22, 2007

Alot of people are emailing me about American Idol. I will try my best to give the play by play on this. Thank God for my DVR. It saves me.
Have you heard of all of the backlash that the American Idol judges have gotten? It's crazy. What isn't this like the 6th season or something?? Everyone trying out for this should know by now what its all about. And for the parents who tell their children that they can sing when they clearly can't.........I would be the first to tell Trent and Alyssa if they aren't good at something. Like with Trent we have literally hand him an open drink...count to five...... and we know that 8 out of 10 times he will spill it. He is extremely clumsy. (Except with baseballs and footballs) I always remind him to be careful but holding on to things is not his strong point.
Whether is sports, dancing, singing, academic's a parents job to seek and find something that their child is good at and redirect them away from things they are not. As long as the child tries their best that is all they can do. God gives different people, different talents for different reasons. I can't run, my sister can. She can't sing, but I can.
I think sometimes that "false hope" is worse than just telling the truth. Don't get me wrong... In life everyone needs hope. Hope is what makes life a little easier to bare sometimes. Telling these children that they "will" get through and that they are "wonderful" singers is just wrong. They shouldn't be blaming Simon, Paula and Randy for their childs downfall. They are the ones giving them "false hope".
Prison Break starts tonight. That is one HOTTIE. A local celebrity here "Barnes - ex-DAVE FM and 99x Disc Jockey has an upcoming part that lasts several episodes. I'm not sure if he starts tonight or not. But he plays a bad guy working for Kim.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I know, I know.

I have been a terrible blogger these days. So Sorry.

I have been a little under the weather for the past couple of weeks. And LAZY. Last Sunday I sat on the couch all day and watched TV. Brett and Trent played outside and had some "guy" time together. Alyssa wasn't feeling well either so she slept alot of the day and just layed around too. (I need to give her medicine more often~ just kidding~). I watched Silver Spoons. I used to love that show when I was young. The episode had Menudo on it. Ok. I didn't see it then but they are a bunch of flamers. (Get my drift.) Then I watched First Daughter. A movie with Katie Holmes before she got blinded by Tom. Then I watched Mystic Pizza. Julia before her big break. Then I sat and watch this amazing medical team cut, slice and pull a 160 pound tumor fromthis women's abdomen. AMAZING. How does someone let the tumor get THAT big? It was jaw dropping. I am also alittle addicted to Janice Dickenson's Modeling Agency Show. There was a marathon on. I sat and watched every episode. But the moment I have been waiting for..... PRISON BREAK returns this Monday. HOTTIE.... That's the only show that Brett and I watch together. I love it. Then February 7th Lost starts.
Funny Alyssa story........ Its no secrete that bed time in my house is a complete headache. Alyssa will just not go to bed on her own. She is never tired. Everynight I make her go to her room around 8 to start settling down. The other night was no different. I tucked her in and explained that it was time to go to sleep. I went to the den and proceeded to watch my American Idol. (more on AI later) Alyssa had been quiet for a while so finally I thought she was asleep. Around 9:45 American Idol had this collection of bad/horrible singers singing to the song "Don't Cha", by the Pussycat Dolls. It was so funny. I stopped and rewinded it several times to watch again. During one of the versus "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was".... then I paused it for Brett to watch. And from the hall way I heard, "Hot like me!" She had been hiding in the hall in hole time watching it. I laughed and laughed. Then yelled, "You better get in that bed." Great now she will be singing that at school.
Trent story.......
I don't know if this is too young.... but Trent has his first friend call him at home to "talk" It was a little boy from his class, Justin. I have met him and his mom at the school before. All seems good. It was the funniest thing. The conversation went like this.... "Whatcha watching?" "I'm watching Disney, yeah." "Have you seen Highschool Musical?" Then they preceed to talk about what theywere currently watching on TV. Then the conversation turns to Star Wars. Its all about Star Wars......... ( I told him to stay away from Harry Potter talk.... I wanted to get a feel for the family first... Didn't want them to think that we were into witch craft or anything. haha.) Finally I told him it was time to eat. It was the cutest thing.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone has a great New Year. We only can hope for a better year than the year before. Last year did go by fast. Alot faster than the year before.
I can't believe that the holidays are over. They go so fast. (They always do) I had a very good holiday. I was able to relax a little and just spend time with the family.
Christmas morning was wonderful. Trent was so excited. Alyssa was a little more into it this year, mainly because Trent was. I am lucky because the littlest things excite him. He couldn't believe what Santa brought him. (legos, Star Wars figures) nothing too exciting really. But I also got him a scooter. It's just one that you scoot with your feet. He took one look at it that morning and said, "Mom, look I got a scooter and I didn't even order it!" I like how he "ordered" his gifts from Santa this year. It was so cute. His note to Santa this year just said, "I Like Santa, I Like God" Short and to the point, I guess. We laid it out with the usual cookies and coke. Alyssa got an Aerial Style head and Disney playhouses. Ms. Claus wanted to get her a little tricycle but Mr. Santa wasn't ready for her to have that yet. She had asked for a Scooby Horse. She is all into Scooby Doo. (There is no such thing) So I was a little worried about Christmas morning. But Christmas Eve she received that 1st and 2nd season of Scooby Doo on DVD. She slept with it that night. So really she could have cared less about Christmas morning.
Little Alyssa was just half asleep Christmas morning. Trent had to force her out of bed to see what Santa had brought them. I did do something this year that I have never done in the 10 years that Brett and I have been married. I invited Pam, Ealy and Mom, Dad to a Christmas breakfast. It turned out great. The kids were excited. Later that night after all the presents were opened and we had made our rounds that day Trent came up to me with a big hug and said, "I just loved all of the presents that you and daddy gave me." That Special Boy.