Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Go Mudcats!!!!!

Let's Go Mudcats! Let's Go!!

Trent's Opening Baseball Parade was last Saturday at 8:30AM. And boy was it cold. We could have froze to death. We had fun though and our float won 3rd place!!

Trent's in the back of this picture!

This is a great shot of him waving in the parade. He had so much fun. And one of Alyssa all bundled up.

Trent played an awesome game! He had his first homerun of the season! The mudcats won 15-5. Our team looked huge compared to the other team! Let the season begin!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One Word: Horrible

What were these "Idols" thinking? I would have thought that the 21st century music would have been a breeze but evidently I was wrong. Was it that hard to pick a good song? Non one was great tonight in my opinion.

Tonight we MUST say goodbye to Lisa. I can't believe she would chose a Kelly Clarkson song. It was a kiss of death for her. It was terrible. She murdered it. Paula was right it was too big of a song for her.

I hated Kellie's Suds in the Bucket too. Girl~ Out of all the country 21st century songs you chose that one. Don't get me wrong I love Sara Evans but not Idol material. Kellie looked very different in the face to me tonight. Maybe she had a micro derm.

Ace Young aka molester was horrible. There is still something about him I can't stand. Yes, he has the looks but not the voice. Just creeps me out.

I actually liked Bucky's Real Good Man tune. I hated the fact that I couldn't see his face but the song was a perfect pick for him. Maybe he should have been on Nashville Star instead of American Idol? He needs to stay with country I think. Although Paula had a good point about the clarity of his words. I didn't know he was married. They showed his wife in the audience.

Mandisa's Shackles was a strange choice of song. I know the song because at Trent's K-4 graduation they sang it, but not everyone even knows the song. I think she lost some fans tonight. It was Ok for me.

Chris Daughtry - Man talk about picking a wrong song. He voice was not there tonight either. I was disappointed. If there where any over 40 fans out there he just lost them.I felt as if he was shouting the whole time.

Paris Bennett She worked it out alright. It was nice to see something different from her. The vocals were good and the moves were alright. It's just hard to see her "little princess" singing that kind of song. OK. To me.

Taylor Hicks - I had never heard that song before. It was good though. Very bluezy. I wouldn't be surprised if he is one of the final two at the end. Loved the little kid with the hair. SOUL PATROL.

Elliott Yamin I really don't like that song too much. They just played it way too much when it was a hit. I do think that his version was better than Bo's from last year, something different. But Elliott really takes it and puts his spin on it. I thought I was going nauseous from his continuous jumping. GREAT OVERALL.

The Best of the Night For me Goes to...

Katharine McPhee- I didn't care for the song, but her voice is so pure. Vocally she was the best tonight. She has the best all around marketable package. She is my favorite.

Lisa must go tonight.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Recent Random Pictures

Random Pictures!

Here is a picture of Alyssa at her friendJackson's Birthday. It was at Chuck E Cheese. She likes this ride and always gives Bob the Builder a kiss.

Here is a collection of pictures from another birthday party at Pump it Up. Bryce's 5th The first picture is Uncle Danny sliding the next is Bryce and Trent having a good time

Uncle Bud and Aunt Mog having a good time. (Looks like Aunt Mog is having TOO Good of a time. (Didn't they just serve Coke at the party)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

AI Contestant Take Two

Here is another video of Alyssa singing. She had just eaten a bowl of grits and was playing in them. I have to idea what the song is but she sounds so
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Was Right!!

Was anyone else surprised that Chicken Little is gone? I was so happy. Everyone else is just out of his league. I did think he would cry though. I thought it would be him or Lisa Tucker. They put a new episode of Lost up against AI last night. I hope that they will change that soon.
Also***** Chris O'Donnell will be guest starring on Grey's Anatomy. I'm so excited.
Ok I just had to see if I could get the video link to work. Thanks, Shanna for the idea. This is awesome. Here is the Next American Idol in her debut, Miss. Alyssa Barfield.
PS. If this works you will be seeing alot more videos.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's Up With Me.....

My new position here at Baker/Lassiter has been keeping my extremely busy. I like it so far. It does seem alittle strange not to be doing my old job since I had been doing it for 8 years. But it was time for a change.

Poor Trent has been sick for a month now. He is just starting to feel better this week. It started out with Strep Throat then two different viruses. He has missed a little more school this month than I would have liked, but if he is sick, he's sick. It was weird his fever would come and go and come and go. Anything from 99 to 102.5. He had his allergy test last Wednesday. Poor guy he is allergic to EVERTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. He had such a bad reaction to the testing that they didn't even get to the food allergy portion of the test. It seems like everything green or non green outside he is allergic to. Here is the list.......

Animals..... Cockroach, Mites, Dog, Mouse, and Cats. (We don't have to get rid of Jake, he just can't roll around with him and if he pets him he must wash his hands afterwards) Shucks... Believe me I asked if we needed to find him a home)

Trees and Weeds... Red Oak, Willow, Hickory, Red Birch, Red Maple, Red Cedar, Elm, Sycamore, Mulberry, Sweetgum, Box Elder, Cottonwood, Pecan and Plantain. That's all the trees and weeds........

Grasses and Weeds....... Bahia, Bermuda, Timothy, Fescue, Johnson, June, and Ragweed. He can play outside but if is out there for more than 40 minutes he has to wear a mask. Which he thinks is cool.....

Most Molds........ I just have to Clorox the bathroom, kitchen Once a week.

I just we will have to get a cow and a horse. He was ok with those. HAHA

So what does all of this mean........He has to take a shower after being outside. No windows open in the house. I replaced all casings on his mattress and pillows. I bought a HEPA filter for his room. I asked about playing ball. The doctor said that he could because he wouldn't be exposed for a long period of time and the most of the field is dirt. He would be running and he thinks he would be ok just as long as he takes a shower after every game. Starting in April he will go twice a week for allergy shots. So then when he gets older his allergens won't affect him as much.
Now we know why he has been sick for so long........

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week 4- The Top Twelve

Ok so it was Stevie Wonder Night. How knew. Haven't we already heard ENOUGH bad renditions of Stevie Wonder this year and in past years? Man that was painful. If I was an Idol I would have been moved to be in the same room as Stevie Wonder too. But I can remember being younger and everytime "I Just Called To Say I LOVE YOU" came on B98.5 or Peach I would turn the stationIMMEDIATELY.

Simon was right. The first half of the show tanked while the second half rocked.
Ace started the night OK. He did use the stage more than anyone else.
Elliott aka. Night owl- (Brett thought of that one) was ok. I thought that he would have been better singing Stevie. Poor guy cried on TV meeting is Idol. He won't hear the last of that from friends.
Lisa-was ok too. Really boring I thought.

Kellie Pickler- Girl is was not your night. Very cute personality. I almost fell alseep during that. But she doesn't know when to stop talking. Poor Ryan just doesn't know what to say to her. *(side note: Rumor has it that he is dating Terry Hatcher)
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin,- He was amusingly funny. Part Time Lover- Who chose that song. He should have sand I Just Called to Say I Love You. His dancing, singing, the hole bit. He has a good heart and I loved the way he stood up to Simon. They showed his mom in the audience. It looked like she was soembarrassedd that he made those comments to Simon. I can't sleep tonight thinking about his dancing.
Let's all say Goodbye to Melissa. Not only did she FORGET HER LINES she sounded like she needed more lemon juice and throat drops and less cigarettess. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Girl what the HE** happended.
Bucky I know that I am in the minority when I say........ I like this guy and his voice. SUPERSTITION was a very good song choice for him. Can't stand to look at him though. Haha. ** Note to hair department... Don't ever do that again to him. It was way too long and curly.
Katharine- She isbeautifull. He voice isangelice. She also reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. I told Brett that from day one.
Mandisa- Great performance.
Paris was good. But she is starting to get on my nerves. Too Happy all the time. And her jumping around the stage was giving me a headache.
Taylor was awesome. When I heard it was Stevie Wonder week I got excited for him, because I knew that he was in his element. See you next week.

My pick is Chris. He was the ONLY singer to (Quoting Paula) "Make the song his own" The lighting, stage usage and everything was great. I also liked the fact that he copied KLESKO's facial hair flavor savor. Looking good. There couldnt have been a better song than HIGHER GROUND.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do NOT Worry!

I know that all of you are panicing about my blog. Have no fear. Everday during lunch I have to relieve the new recepionist. I plan on using some of that time to vent and blog. I just wanted to let you all know because I know you couldn't sleep at night worrying about it. HAHAHA

This is me helping KLESKO warm up before the Big game.

Here comes baseball season!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Some things....

Sorry about not posting AI stuff yesterday. I couldn't get into my blogspot page. I tried all day but I kept getting an error message. About AI....... I wasn't totally shocked about the ones that got the boot. I guess Ayla got me the most, because her dad is a senator. Sorry~ Jeff no more Will. But he was a little off to say the least. "Smiles" is gone. Thats good. He was one dimensional. But chicken little should have been gone. Maybe next week. And finally the black cowgirl. I just didn't like her voice.
This week has been another "ONE OF THOSE WEEKS".... it started on Friday when I found out that one of Alyssa's friends (Abby) has a brain tumor. I couldn't function all weekend. Then on Monday (the day of Abby's surgery to remove the tumor near her brain stem) Trent got really sick, was taken to his doctor. Dr. Ahn thought that he might have meningitis so off to Scottish Rite we went. While there with Trent, I was able to check on Abby and her family. ~Long story short.. Trent didn't have it and we were sent home that evening. But please pray for the Smith Family during Abby's recovery. The tumor was malignant and she will be starting chemo within the next few weeks. They are just waiting on the pathology report that determines what kind of tumor it was so they will know exactly what kind of treatment to give the two year old.
Other News..........Starting on Monday I will be taking another job within the office here at Lassiter. So if you call me and I don't answer the phones...don't worry no one has been electrocuted, been sent to Scottish Rite or has any broken bones. (knock on wood) I am just sitting at another desk. OK. (Moving on up...
I will extremely busy next week with training the new employee, Trent's baseball tournament, making a Leprechaun trap and the Atlanta race. I will try to post if I can.
Ps~ Some idiot tried to kill me this morning. I was coming down 42 Hwy trying to get over in the turn lane onto Eagles Landing. There was a 4 car gap in betweeen to two cars so I let myself in. This "donkey" sped up and honked. He flicked me off and kept honking until we reached the hospital. What a "donkey" Watch out for a redneck in a black Dodge Ram Truck.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Week 3 Girls

Wow! Another Slow night. Besides Mandisa rocking down the house no other performance stands in mine. Her singing (Chaka Khan) was brilliant. I totally agreed on the judges with her.

I continue to love Katherine McPhee. Her voice has been solid every week. She can sing just about anything. She's my favorite. Although she a littlettle too joyful lastnight.

I just don't like Ayla Brown. i can't put my finger on it. She's just too perfect or something. I don't think her voice is that strong. But I'm sure she will get through, her dads the senator of some state.

The little ones~ Lisa and Paris are really great. Lisa seems too rehearsed or something. Her voice is good but she needs to stickBroadwaydway. The lion King fits her. Paris is better to me than Lisa. Although squeakyicky clean talking voice is extremely annoying.

Kellie, Kellie, Kellie. She is too cute. Her voice isnt the best but she seems to pick the best songs for it. Didn't she sing Melissa Etheridge before? I can't remember. Poor thing she must need someone to talk to . Everytime they get her on stage she keeps talking and talking. I think her and Ryan make a cute couple. Strange but cute. Hollywood meets country gal.

One of my favorites Melissa got a beating last night. I didn't agree with the judges at all. I thought she sounded gooddidn'tidnt hear the bad note they were talking about. I thought it just sounded "soft"

Kinnik sounded horrible. There is just nothing about her I like. Her voice, looks, personality. Nothing. Bye Bye tonight for sure.

I hope the guys are better tonight. At least it wont interfere with Lost again this week. FYI: PrisonBreak starts back on March 20th.