Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Stuff.

First of all........
I decided to potty train Alyssa. Just quit puting pull ups on her except for at night. In two days she has only had one accident. That's Awesome!!! She is even poo pooing in the potty. So far so good. That will save us about $50 a month on pull ups. Hooray!!!!

Over the weekend I took the kids to a local church for the Trunk or Treat festival. Trent is a pirate this year and Alyssa is a Carebear. I know its hard to believe but I didn't take my camera. There was this little boy dressed like Scooby Doo, Poor Alyssa thought that it was really him. I had to explain that just like you aren't a real Carebear, he really isn't Scooby Doo. She finally understood.

It has really gotten cold here. Just in time for the race. I have to work all weekend freezing my tail off. I just hope it doesn't rain too. But I love the extra money it brings for Christmas. Can you believe that it is just around the corner? I know that I ranted about this last year, but I hate the fact that its not even Halloween and the Christmas decorations are already up in the stores. ONE HOLIDAY AT A TIME PEOPLE!!!! It goes Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas.

This fantasy football thing sucks. I have only won 1 game. Thanks to Keith. He is the lucky one that I beat. But I must say that I am numero uno inthe stockcar challenge. That just tears the guys up. Hopefully I can hang on to the lead for a couple of more weeks. I can't wait for Nascar to be over. Maybe I can get my Sundays back? Well not all the way because of Football but some time.

I am ready for a vacation!! Oh thats right. I get one in a couple of weeks. Three of my friends and I are going to New York. I am soooo excited. We are trying to get into Regis and Kelly. Maybe we will get lucky and it will be Christmas time on the show with a lot of give a ways. Cool, huh? Start Spreading the News........ For those of you thinking, "Poor Brett, that Lisa leaves him all the time," (I know who you are) believe me Brett gets time away. We call it "Going to the store." He sneaks off on weekends and during the week to play with his cousin down the street. So don't feel sorry for him. I can't help it that he doesn't like to fly anywhere. Who says that I have to stay home? We have made an agreement. I think he can handle two nights with the kids. ALL AlONE. Don't you????

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend of Festivals

This weekend we were so busy. I just love this time of year! On Friday night we went to a local Corn Maze. Eventhough they kids where too young for the maze they had several other things for them to do.

Alyssa loved to feed the animals. Because of Trent's allergies he opted not to touch them.

The Cow train was fun.

The kids had so much fun!!!!
On Saturday Alyssa and I met Camryn and her mommy for a morning of crafts and other fun activities.

Camryn and Alyssa making a puppet.

Eating hotdogs and listening to stories.

Balance beam time.
That evening we met Nanny, Papa, Grandmommy, Granddaddy and Bryce down at the Perry Fair. I really saw how Trent has grown up. He wanted to ride the big rides. I rode one ride with Alyssa and Brett rode a ride with Trent and Bryce. (I think we ate more than anything.)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Man! What a perfect weekend for Georgia Tech!!!
I bet the Georgia fans got tired of hearing Rocky Top all night long.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to TRENT

Trent is 7 today. I can't beleive it. We had a skate party for him last weekend. He was so excitied . We had a great turn out. Here are some pictures. Brett and I even got out there to skate but was shown up by the twirling, backwards skating Cousin Keith. Here are just a few of the pictures from the party.

Today I ate lunch with him at school and brought cupcakes. I couldn't beleive what a good class his teacher has. I didn't come home with a headache like I did last year.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not the First....Not the Last

We'll this weekend started out with a bang!
On the way home Friday after I picked Alyssa up from school I decided to get gas. I always stop at the Texaco infront of her school. (They are always the cheapest gas in town) As I was pumping gas tons of US Marshalls and policeman storm the place. It scared me half to death. I wasn't sure what to do....Stay, go. Alyssa was in the back seat "reading" her book. They handcuffed this guy and slammed him up against the wall. It was really cool. Turns out it was the guy they had been looking for in Ala. who shot the cop. I wonder if there was a reward???
Then later that night..........
We visited the Emergency Room. It was Alyssa. She fell and split her head open. We were at Trent's game and normally she says in the stroller the ENTIRE time. But I was gracious to let her out alittle. She tripped over her stroller and hit her head on the cement manhole that was sticking out of the ground. At first I thought that she probably just had some scrapes on her face but no..... Her cut was so deep. There was blood everywhere. All over her and all over me. But we all know Alyssa, she cried for only a minute then whined because she didn't want to leave the game. Brett stayed with Trent and mom and I went off to the hospital. It wasn't the cut that I was worried about. I was afraid that with Alyssa's condition she had fractured or cracked something in her face or even her hands. They opted not to stitch her but to glue her forehead instead. There was no way that she would sit still to be stitched anyway. They did some x-rays and didn't see any fractures. Luckily we go to Scottish Rite on Monday for full body x-rays anyway so I wasn't too concerned. Scottish Rite's equipment is much better and high tech than Henry Medical's. We finally got home about 1:00 am. I had to help the nurse hold her down so the doctor could glue her. She DID NOT like that. She screamed and screamed. Not because it hurt, but because she was confined. I told her, "Alyssa, you have got to be still." After it was over I picked her up and she said, "Momma don't be mad at me." So pitiful. Not once did she complain about it hurting. She was just upset that she had gotten blood all over her favorite sweater.
Luckily I can hide it with her bangs.

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