Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alyssa asked me a very important question last night...
"Momma, is wee-wee Spanish for pee-pee?"

Let's Go Mudcats!

This season has been great! We've won more than we have lost. We have a great set of parents and kids this season. Trent has played very well on the pitcher's mound and at third. His hitting has also improved since going to the week long baseball camp. He has been very proud of himself.

2009 Spring
Ola Mudcats

Friday, April 24, 2009

Last weekend we attended the BARFIELD FAMILY reunion in McRae, Georgia. It was a great day. The weather and the park were beautiful.

Alyssa and Uncle Bud

These are Brett's crazy aunts and uncles with Brett's Dad, Ealy.

From top left its the oldest to youngest on both rows.

All by 3 grandchildren.
The great-grandchildren were sparse. Most of them were "too old" to come.

Friday, April 17, 2009

One More Easter Photo

Brett's cousin is a photographer and I had asked her to take a picture for me with Granny's Bunnies.

I love this photo! Thanks Katie.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Activities

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.!!

Alyssa and I spent Friday night hanging out with my friends! There is no better way to spend a stormy night. (Although I am sure I will have to do some "damage control" with Alyssa later. lol)
No telling what Ti- George is teaching the girls.

Crazy Craig and Alyssa.

Saturday Alyssa went with her friend, Mallie, to see Hannah Montana. This was the first time that she has ever been invited to go somewhere with someone who wasn't related. i was really nervous but she did well. She was so excited to go. While she was at the movies I took Trent to play putt-putt. We mostly just "gimmied" our way through the course. Then he hit some balls in the batting cages. Funny Story: the sign on the cage said 40mph. The balls coming out of the machine were clearly more like 60 or 70mph. The look on Trent's face was just priceless. Needless to say he didn't hit 1 ball. We went to another machine that was more his speed.

Later that afternoon we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a Easter Egg Hunt.

Both Trent and Taz came back with alot of money. Trent found $36. Alyssa was more upset she found money and candy. Trent tried to trade her candy for her money, but I wouldn't let him.

After we left my uncle's house we went over to my sister's and colored Easter Eggs. Alyssa was very careful just look at her face below.

They turned out awesome.

Check out Ashley's spotted egg, cool huh?

Then on Sunday we went to church.

The service was unbelievable. I left in tears and thankful that Jesus died for me.

Then we went to Aunt Netta's for lunch and Uncle Stan's to hunt more eggs.

Trent and cousin Kimberly who is visiting from Chicago!

All of the cousins @ Uncle Stan's.

Sunday evening we went to mom and dad's. They had been gone all week to Disney with my sister. On the way back they brought back GRANDMA! The kids were so excited!! Here is a great picture of the Alyssa spending some time with Grandma in her room. She knows were all of the candy is hid. (Notice the fuzzy socks, Alyssa just had to have some too)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Get to Know Your Braves......Francoeur

Monday, April 06, 2009

Artist of the Year

I forgot to mention this last month......

This article is about a friend of mine. The song referenced in the article is on the music player on this blog look for I Know You're There and click on it. Great Song!

Way to go Jeff!!!! Call me when you need a duo partner!!

Christian singer-songwriter Jeff Chandler has been crowned artist of the year in Tate Music Group’s first music competition.

Chandler, of Atlanta beat out more than 200 other artists in the finals to win a free recording contract, $15,000 in cash, the production of a music video, and special promotional appearances highlighted by an appearance at an event sponsored by the Gospel Music Association and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.
In the past 10 years, Chandler has played venues ranging from coffee shops to coliseums and has shared stages with Michael English, Gary LaVox and Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts, T.I. King, David Crowder, Steve Fee, Leeland and Grammy-winning Christian pop group Casting Crowns.
Chandler wrote and performed "I Know You’re There” during a finals performance March 13 in Oklahoma City. The song was included on Casting Crowns’ 2007 album, "The Altar and the Door.”
Tate Music Group is an Oklahoma-based and nationally distributed record label. To view a replay of the entire competition, go online to www.TateMusicGroup.com.