Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Brett called me this morning on his way to Texas for business. I think he was a little excited and alot nervous about traveling. (He doesn't like to fly) But what happened in the terminal made the flight more manageable, I think. As he was sitting waiting for his flight he looks over and none other than Mark Teixera is walking past him to a seat near. I can't believe it but Brett actually went over, shook his hand and talked to him, telling him that he was a big fan and that he would be missed here. Brett said that he was extremely friendly and just kept saying thanks. But of course DID NOT GET AN AUTOGRAPH. I begged him to go over there and get one but Brett refused.
Here is my tribute to MARK T.

Mark Teixeira's time with the Braves was brief. Almost one year to the day that the Braves acquired him from the Rangers, Teixeira was traded to the Los Angeles Angels.Teixeira hit .295 with 36 doubles, 37 homers and 134 RBI in 157 games for the Braves, with a .395 on-base percentage and only six errors.

He was acquired with reliever Ron Mahay from Texas a deadline-day trade July 31, 2007, which cost the Braves five prospects, including catcher Jarrod Saltalmacchia, shortstop Elvis Andrus and left-hander Matt Harrison.

The former Georgia Tech star, who is married to a Georgia native, called the trade "very bittersweet" and said he would miss the players and felt privileged to have played for Cox, who he called "an amazing man, an amazing manager."

"I think I did everything that was asked of me," said Teixeira, standing at his locker wearing a Georgia Tech polo shirt as the Braves prepared for Tuesday's game. "I came in here and played good defense and drove in runs.

"Unfortunately, we had so many injuries this year, it just didn't work out."

He said he looked forward to joining the Angels, "the best team in baseball. ... I've got a flight in the morning, and I'll be ready to play tomorrow."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend of Fun!

Friday night we went to a birthday party at Atlanta Motorspeedway. An Allstar teammate has a condo there. The kids had so much fun watching the drag races.
Sunday I took the kids to the park.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Coming... My Favorite Time of Year!!!

Season Premire Week.......

I can't wait for the new show on FOX. Its called FRINGE from the makers of LOST...... and look who it stars..... see below....

Do you see him??? JOSHUA JACKSON! Yes, finally back on TV. Since his Grey's Anatomy part fell through due to the writer's strike he has been missing. No More....

Tuesdays from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST.

For my birthday I saved up for a SONY DVD Direct Burner . I have been playing with it on and off. Last night I decided to burn some of my old VHS tapes and make them into DVD's. This machine is awesome.
Last night I found a very old tape of "I'll Fly Away" and I burned a DVD.

In high school me and some of my friends had an opportunity to be extras in a episode of "I'll Fly Away." It was filmed here in Atlanta. So one morning we all got up, met at the school and drove to the filming location. It included some girls and most of our baseball team.


I'll Fly Away was a critically acclaimed television series set during the late 1950s and early 1960s, in an unspecified Southern state. It ran on NBC from 1991 to 1993 and starred Regina Taylor as Lily Harper, a black housekeeper for district attorney Forrest Bedford (Sam Waterston) and his family. As the show progressed, Taylor's character became increasingly involved in the Civil Rights Movement. Mary Alice, who played the recurring character Marguerite Peck, won an Emmy Award in 1993 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; she had been nominated in the same category the previous year.
I'll Fly Away itself won two 1992 Emmy Awards (Eric Laneuville for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Drama Series, and series creators John Falsey and Joshua Brand for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Miniseries or a Special), and 23 nominations in total. It won three Humanitas Prizes, two Golden Globe Awards, two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, and a Peabody Award.

The scene we were in was set in a gym. Certain citizens in the community were protesting the fact that they weren't allowed to play basketball.

Here watch...... Make sure you notice the two African American gentlemen in the middle of the protest...... Other things to watch for...... In the first scene:: Me laughing on the bleachers, Craig M. going to get the vice principal, Coach Corr acting as assistant coach, Mike Ferrera looking disgusted, Rick B., Sean J, Troy S and Scott. B acting like they are going to beat the crap out of someone. Hey. Craig never came back with the principal......

Second scene: Adam Bartlett watching the game with great intensity, Craig's great Jump Ball, Troy's awesome layup, Craig pushing Wayne Brady as they form the circle, Troy holding Harold while another actor punches him, My OH NO face as the gentleman is walking down the isle, Wayne Brady getting pushed by JHS Alumni in the circle. Wow what acting.....

It lost some quality being burned to the computer then to youtube. My DvD ismuch clearer.

Did you see them?? Have any guesses????????

As I was watching the video last night I thought.... Wait a minute I know that guy and the other looks familiar too.


Wayne Brady aka Who's Line Is It Anyway, Don't Forget the Lyrics and

Harold Perrineau aka Michael from Lost.

I totally confirmed this too. How awesome is that? We spent all day with them and didn't even know it. I just Wayne Brady. While I was there I did manage to snag an autograph of one of the main stars... Jeremy London (who went on to star in "Party of Five" and "7th heaven") and gave my number to Peter Simmons (the hot headed one) who was nice enough to call me the Friday night of the episode showing to make sure that I knew it was coming on that night. Wow. What great memories! I was asked back the next week to filmed another episode. I can't find the tape quite yet but when I do I will burn that one too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bath Time

This is what happens when you put shampoo into the tub and you turn the jets on in the water. My poor dad had to scoop up the bubbles and pour them into the shower. Alyssa had fun though. She talked about it all week. She is getting to be a "home body". Trent went through that stage too, always wanting to be home and be around Brett and I.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Well waking up yesterday I was alittle worried about the weather. But after an afternoon thunderstorm the concert went along great! We missed the first act which was Gary Allen. I was kind of thankful that it wasn't really, really hot. We saw Leanne Rimes first. She seemed really nice. Always waving and winking at the crowd. I almost touched her hand but some flamers next to me grabbed her first. Those guys where so very excited.

It's amazing how many people think that they can just sit anywhere whether they have a ticket or not. There were so many fights it was kind of amusing. Brett hasn't been to Buffet ever so he was amazed at the goings -on. After she sang I high tailed it to the bathroom, where I waited for nearly 30 min. They I got a shirt and some drinks. Brett and I shared one pretzel the entire time (3:30 to 11:30pm) we were there. The lines were impossible and the crowds were unbearable. While I was up Sammy Hagar played. If no one had fun at the concert, he surely did.

Then came Brooks and Dunn. I have always liked them. They were really popular in High school. They knew how to work the crowds.

During one of the intermissions I did get my picture made with a local celebrity....... Paul from 11Alive. This picture is a bad one of me. (after standing in the rain I looked terrible) He was really excited that I made such a big deal of him. He was really nice. (That's for you Heather)

Kenny did rock the house. He puts on an amazing show. Here are some great pictures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All-Stars is Over.

Now what do we do?? Trent had a great All-Star series!! Here are some great pictures.

District Tournament.
Waiting at Third for a play.
Taking a rumble with the first baseman. He was safe.

I love the look on his face here. Dude, you will not pick me off second!

Sliding into third.... SAFE.

These are from the State Tournament. Last weekend.

Coach D and Trent.
He received a medal, trophy and baseball cards.
Even though they didn't advance, Trent had a great series. In 6 games he batted .555, had 7 RBI's, and made 12 outs. Way to go Big "T"

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This blog page is missing Taz. So I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of her over the years. She has been busy this summer spending the night all over the place... Aunt Laurie's, Megan's, Grandmommy's and Nanny's. I have watched Annie and Aquamarine thousands of times, over and over and over.
She loves to swim. They get to swim everyday at the daycare this summer. I can't believe that this time next year she will be going into kindergarten. That makes me sad.
She wants to do whatever~ Trent does. She is really growing up. She still has issues sitting still at the table in a restaurant and running off as soon as your hand is let go. But she has come along way. I can not wait till September when we go to Disney. What a special time that will be.

Boy has she grown!!!


We have been actually very busy doing nothing. Does that sound right?? My parent's cooked out on Friday and the kids got the swim. Then we went to the Braves game on the 4th which was cool. since they sent Jeff F down to the minors, Jason Perry, a Jonesboro High School/Georgia Tech Graduate got to play in his place. At his very first major league at bat he got a triple. It was great to be able to see that. Trent had fun. They had awesome fireworks afterwards. My sister, Laurie, had Alyssa. She has the best time over at her house. That's all she has been talking about this week.

On Saturday I was "kidless" so I decided to go over to the mall. I haven't been shopping or to the mall in months. I can't remember the last time that I went. I was so excited to be able to shop by myself. I stayed there from 10:30am till 3:20 pm. I went into every single store that I wanted to. Of course I didn't by myself one thing.... Well besides lunch.... I looked and looked. Nothing. crazy.... That always happens.

We did cook out with the cousins Saturday night and Sunday we hung out at my parents again.

I didn't have cable from Sunday to Wednesday. That about killed me. I couldn't watch that 17 inning Braves game that Brett went to and I have missed very good episodes of Days of Our Lives. You would think without my TV my house would be spotless...... Oh Well.

We will be gone this weekend with Trent All-Star team at State. This should be fun.

Then in Sunday It's........

I can't wait for that.........

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This is my warning to you.........

Apparently, I ran a red light a couple of weeks ago, which was caught by the Clayton County Automated Red Light Enforcer. I say apparently because I honestly don't remember being at that intersection at that time, on that day.... I have no idea where I was going and for what reason...... It is my car and my tag so it was me........ 1.7 seconds it how long it was red with me under it....So watch out for those Red Light Cameras... who knows when you will pull up to your mail box and receive a $70 ticket in the mail. Good news.... They can not prove it was me nothing goes on my record or against my insurance...... This is my very first citation that I have ever received. I guess that's good for being on the road for 17 years..... Wow that sounds old.

But here are the pictures.......