Sunday, August 27, 2006

Black and Blue

Trent's cousin had a birthday party at the local skating rink. Trent had the best time. He hadn't been skating since he was three years old with those fisher price skates that go over the shoes.

Anyway, I couldn't get him to leave. I fell and fell and fell. I was amazed that he kept getting up and trying for 3.5 hours. It was so funny when he finally got the hang of it and tried to dance too.He has soooo proud of himself. He now wants a skating part.

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This video is when he first got on the skates

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This video is after a couple of hours of falling. He is finally getting the hang of it and even tries to dance alittle.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pigeon Forge

First I'd like to say thanks to our parents for graciously keeping our children so we could have a weekend getaway. We left on Friday and headed to Pigeon Forge. Of course we stopped in Cherokee to have alittle fun. Although Brett would disagree, we only lost $30. But we had fun. Brett had never been in a casino before so he was wide eyed the whole time. On our trip we met up with Bill, Brett's best friend from highschool. We played alot of competitive putt-putt and even caught a dinner show, The Black Bear Jamboree.
On our way back Sunday we did alittle hiking and alot of site seeing. Here are some pictures. (Since we both hate to have our picture taken most of them are scenery pictures.)

Friday, August 18, 2006

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