Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm Sorry

I have been a terrible Blogger since I started my new position at Work. I just can't find the time to type. I was off last week and didn't do a darn thing. I did adventure out to the movies with the kids. "Happy Feet". It was good. Alyssa did real well. I was surprised. I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving.
I did go out on our Major Shopping Spree on Friday. We decided to go to the Macon Mall this year. Just for a different experience. I woke up at 2:30 am to meet my sister and mom. Meg went too and my sister's boy friend Trey. (We needed someone to run to the car throughout the day) I wanted to go to Best Buy first because they opened at 5:00am. There was already 200 or more people on line when we got there. And they were only letting 25 people on the store at a time. What type of crap is that?? It would take the rest of the morning just to get in the door. So we headed to the mall. The Macon Mall wasn't crowded at all. It was great. We were even interviewed for the Macon Telegraph. Here's the atricle.....

At Macon Mall, a group of women sat inside flipping through coupons,waiting for one of the women's boyfriend to pick up their loot."We do this every year," said Deanna Griner, 33.
She arrived at the mall with her mother, sister and cousin, traveling to Macon from Henry County.They usually shop at The Mall at Stonecrest in Conyers but decided to shopin Macon this year for more and better shops, in particular Bombay Company, the Disney Store and KB Toys."The night before, on Thanksgiving, you look in the paper," Griner said.
Her sister, Lisa Barfield, 30, added: "Depending on who has the bestdoor-busters, that depends on where you go."But there is one rule: no looking at the advertisements until after dinner."I might have peeked a little," Griner admitted.
I just love how they added our ages in there....
We had a great time. There were no rude people at all. I couldn't believe it. And the workers were very helpful this year. Not like last year.
Here is a cute viedo from Thanksgiving...... Notice how Dylan finally covers his ears.....

Friday, November 24, 2006


Alyssa turned 3 this week. She is defintely in the terrible 3's. We didn't do a big party this year. We went to eat with family. Here is some pictures...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Which color would you like, Alyssa?

That was the question of the week. Alyssa picked pink. (Its more like fushia) For what, you are wondering...........

That would be the color of her new cast. She broke her wrist Wednesday night. Times like these I have to look on the bright side.... Last year she had 5 different cast with 6 broken bones. (Red, White, Purple, Tan and Pink) So this year overall has been a good year. I tried to talk her into a darker color like red. That way I could at least try to camouflaged it in the holiday pictures.

She likes to display her cast around the holidays. This will be her first Thanksgiving in one. The others where during Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day. I feel bad that in all of her pictures she has one on.

I think I am jinxed when it comes to pictures. Everytime I make an appointment to have the kids pictures taken together something happens. Last month Alyssa fell at Trent's ballgame~ remember...... This sort of thing has been going on since Trent was little. That's why most of the time I just show up and hope that they aren't crowded. Here she is three and I only have a couple of studio pictures of her.. Maybe I should just take it with the cast??

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time Gone BY....

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I went to New York for a long weekend. It was wonderful. We all had a great trip. I lived there when I was little for 6 months and hated every minute of it. But I love it now. We shopped and shopped and ate and ate. I did get my picture made with Matt Lauer. (haha) He is Hot!!!

Some Dreams Do Come True!!
Here is a great one all us sitting in Central Perk. The coffee shop on Friends.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Wedding Singer

So last weekend I sang at a friend's wedding. It was really nice. It was outside so we froze. This was Trent and my "date night." Brett was out of town so he told Trent that he had to be the "man" of the house. Trent really took this seriously. He was so cute. After about an hour at the reception I finally got him to dance with me. I had to of course wheel and deal with him, but he finally got out there. I told him that I would let him watch TV "all night long." He thought that that was a huge deal. In my mind I knew that he would fall asleep on the way home anyway. He didn't. He attempted to stay up only to fall asleep after a short while. I left the TV on all night though just in case he woke up. The next morning I asked him if he stayed up all night. He said, "Yes I did!" I'd watch TV then nap then watch TV then nap. My grandma always says "I'm not asleep,. I'm just resting my eyes." Yeah Right!
Pictures coming soon......

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Here are the Cute Halloween Pictures from Tuesday, We went Trick-or-Treating with the Cousins. Alyssa was a Carebear and Trent was a Pirate.