Sunday, March 27, 2011

TWEET TWEET- Opening Day

Hey!!! It's Opening Day @ Ola! We are the 11/12 Ola Orioles. I can't believe that Trent is playing on the last field at Ola before he has to play on the biggest field at Sandy Ridge. Time sure does fly.

This is a great picture of Trent and his buddy Phenix. They have been playing together since they were 5 years old.
Some of the boys getting ready for the parade.

Great picture during the National Anthem.
Every single year during the Opening Day Festivities it is freezing and/or raining. This year it was cloudy, but started off really pleasant.... then  BAM! As soon as our game was to start @ 11:30am this burst of cold came. Trent pitched extremely walks, 6 strike outs and only 1 earned run. But we lost 5-4. Our defense had a rough day. Trent did well though and that's what counts. (and I must say our team uniforms looked awesome!) I take full credit for

Friday, March 18, 2011


Saturday we took the kids on a tour of Turner Field. Braves Opening Day is right around the corner....

Inside the Club House!
Ok. Friends.... we need to get together only $150,000 so we can purchase (2) Sun Trust seats. That amount is for (2) season tickets for every game for 2 years! Come on... if we all pull together...... The seats are those right behind home plate. All your meals will be included and are cooked by a personal chef and there is a huge HD TV in front of your seats so you can watch the game live and on TV.