Monday, June 21, 2010

10U Ola All Stars

Trent was selected to be apart of the Ola Allstar Team for 2010.

He finally got to play with his cousin, Bryce!

Congratulations! 10U Ola Allstars for your 2nd Place State Finish. We placed great considering that we only had 4- 10 year olds and the rest were 9. I don't know what the other counties feed their boys, but they were HUGE. The were about 25-30 pounds heavier than Trent and Trent was the oldest player on the team. It was crazy.
But Boy.... I'm glad its over. We only played 2 weekends but man it was soooo HOT.
Trent played shortstop, 3rd and pitched alittle. He did awesome.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It was to my surprise when the last week of school I was walking down the hall and noticed Alyssa's picture on the bulletin board. It said.... Here are the May Students of the Month who exhibited "patience" this month.

What?! See my little "Taz" on the front row.... Wow!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So Behind!

I am so behind on posting! But I have to tell you a few cute stories.

ALYSSA: A 2 weeks ago she lost 1 bottom tooth. She was so excited. The tooth fairy came and brought her $1. She doesn't know how to save anything....  so of course she spent it for ice cream money at school.
A couple of days later.... another bottom tooth gone and then a top tooth. She decided to wait and not let the tooth fairy come. I don't know why at the time... but she wanted to wait.

Then a few days later. (Memorial Day Weekend)....while I was at the Braves game that Saturday night, she lost her top front tooth. I had taken Trent and a friend to the game so I wasn't home when it happened and came home extremely late that night. I had NO IDEA that her tooth was loose and had come out. So the next morning while I was preparing breakfast she comes in the kitchen with a confused/sad look on her face. She was holding a baggie with her teeth in it. "Mom, I laid my teeth under my pillow... but the tooth fairy didn't come."
Thank goodness of my quick thinking. I went on the explain to her that the Tooth fairy didn't work on holiday weekends and we would have to placed them under again that night. Thank goodness she understood. No worries....... That night I noticed her "working" the other top front tooth.... "What are you doing," is that other tooth loose?" She said that she was saving her teeth for a $10 dollar bill..... I told her that if another tooth comes out when its not ready the tooth fairy wont come at all......
As this was I happening I began to worry. Were they not ready to come out? Is this apart of her brittle bones? I went  ahead and made a dentist appointment for this Friday.
But only 2 days later.... the other tooth had fallen out. We are taking 5 teeth within a 2 week span. She is totally toothless in the front.

Our little Monroe has been trying us these last couple of weeks. Little things that are totally expected from a puppy.....  The other day I was in the living room watching TV when Trent comes running in crying uncontrollably. In his little hands were the remains of some of his army men. They had been beheaded by Monroe. I felt so sorry for Trent. He was heart broken. "Your dog ate my men!", he yelled.
Later on that afternoon I could hear humming from his room. I peek in to see that he was having a funeral for his beloved men of honor. Taps were being played.