Friday, November 30, 2007

In The Past

This In The Past picture is of the 11th grade. Every year a group of us would make a trip to Lenox Square for the lighting of the Christmas tree. Check out the girls bright colored lip stick!
Eric, Katie, Mike, Jon, Heather, Miranda and me.

Our trip usually ended with a Waffle House. We would go in and play the Waffle House theme song over and over and over.

** on a side note...... Notice in this picture that there are 3 people to one side of the Waffle House seat. I can't imagine 3 adults in the seat now. Next time you are in the Waffle House take note.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mountain Trip

Brett's Aunt Gwinetta is building a house in the mountains. So, since all of the cousin would be in town for Thanksgiving, we decided to all take a trip to Blairsville. We had so much fun. It was just like old times. Here are some pictures of the amazing house.

We took a great opportunity to take some great fall pictures of all the cousins together. Alyssa so excited to have other girls to play with. Jackson, AnnaCarroll and Katie live in Texas so it has been great to spend time with them.
Trent, Alyssa and their first cousins Bryce and Dylan.

Trent, Bryce, Korey, Jackson, Dylan and Kasey
and finally the girls
Alyssa, Katie and AnnaCarroll

Here is a great picture of Brett's parents, Pam and Ealy

On the way home when I looked in the backseat I was greeted with this......

Friday, November 16, 2007

In the Past

This In The Past Picture is 3rd period, Mr. Boddie's class. This was an awesome class. We had alot of our little group in there. Mr. Boddie was a good teacher, but was a jackass. He used to keep the room very cold just to see the girls "get cold" if you know what I mean. He was an atheist who tried to start shouting matches between the students. That year we had to memorize, Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty of Give the Death" speech. We watched alot of TV in that class. I think it was Government and Current Issues or something like that. I had him for two years so I can't remember if this was 11th or 12th grade. Good ole times.

And a picture that I will cherish always. Me and Mr. Smith.

Girls, last night was alot of fun. Here is the picture that I promised you. Just let me know if I can be any assistance to you in the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golden Feather

For Thanksgiving Ms. Lyons has given each student an Indian Name. This week Trent is known as Golden Feather. He was so excited about is name. Here is the back ground.

Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the men in the tribe - it’s like getting a gift from a high official.

If any Indian is given Golden or Bald Eagle feathers it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. The Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so close. Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above. They believe that the eagle is the leader of all birds, because it flies as high as it does and sees better than all the birds.

Once an Indian receives a feather he must take care of it, and many will hang it up in their homes. It is disrespectful to hide it away in a drawer or a closet. An Indian will be given a feather to hold on to or to wear, and if they hold it they must put it out for everyone to see. This will be a constant reminder of how to behave. An eagle feather is a lot like the American flag, it must be handled with care and can never be dropped on the ground.

The only way an Indian can actually get one of these feathers is by doing a brave deed, like fighting off a bear or going up against the enemy. They were never allowed to wear the feather until they went in front of their tribal court and retold the story of their victory. It was at this time that they were allowed to put it in their headpiece. Only chieftains, warriors, and braves have ever been awarded this special gift. The next time you see eagle feathers in a headdress, think about how they were earned.

Before he actually found out what his name would be I told him that he could be known as
Chief Nocahoma. Remember him? The Braves mascot.

Cute Story:

When we were discussing Indians over the weekend I explained to Trent that my side of the family had alot of Indian in them called Cherokees. His faced was totally puzzled. So I further explained that his Papa's dad (my papa) -(his great-papa) had Indian blood in him. He said, "No mom, papa was a pirate." What? Brett and I looked at each other. He said, "You know, mom Papa was a pirate on that ship." Then it hit me. "NO silly boy, your papa was a sailor on a Navy ship, not a pirate." We laughed and laughed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Perfect Fall

This weekend was just a perfect fall weather weekend. These are the days that I will miss in the coming years.. In the past, fall weekend consist of going down the street and visiting with Papa. We would spend hours there just watching football, picking up pecans and having the kids just pay in the yard. It has been a custom to do that for the last 11 years or so. It has been a task watching the cars come and go while they clean out his house. Even though the house is being bought by one of Brett's cousins it won't be the same. Down here (in the country) we are so used to just popping in and staying for a visit. Here's a past picture of the hayride.

On another note....... I got to start and actually finished some crafts that I have been wanting to do for the holidays. I needed some fall decorations. I feel sorry for fall/thanksgiving. I feel that it gets the shaft. (Especially now a days) Seems like the stores just go from Halloween to Christmas and Thanksgiving gets left out. So I made a fall wreath......

I lucked up because Michael's had their fall stuff marked down 70% and we still have two weeks until Thanksgiving. That's crazy....

I have also been wanting to make a candy cane holder. They look good on the tree but they also seem to weigh it down. So here it is.....

Of course it doesn't look just like the picture, but it is close.

Friday, November 09, 2007


These are from my 1987 my 11th Birthday Party. Since my birthday is in May most of my parties growing up were swim parties. I hated throwing any kind of party (still do) because of that fear that no one will come.

The picture below is one of my favorites. Craig McLendon and Jacob Irwin playing the Life Savor game. That game was one of my dad's personal favorites. Passing the Life Savors from person to person via a toothpick.
Good times. I love the look on my face. (It says I can't wait to use this picture in 20 years)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Who Does This Look Like????

The top picture is my oldest sister.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fall Ball is Over!!

Fall Ball wrapped up this past weekend. We had a great season!!

Our web site is . But here are the game summaries.

Monday, November 5 Last Game of the Season
Another great game for the Mudcats winning against the Tornados 18-10!! We were still riding high from Thursday's win. There were some greats hits and wonderful plays all around the field. We saw great team work when Trent stopped the ball and threw it to Caleb for an awesome out at home plate. Aaron made a great catch at second and Conner had a great out tagging third. Awesome defense from everyone. Can't wait for next season!!

WHO Beat the Bulldogs.....WHO...WHO...WHO....WHO...WHO Beat the Bulldogs.........WHO...WHO....WHO....WHO...... WHO......... Somebody call Sports Center...... The Mudcats are on Fire........... We looked totally awesome..... VICTORY 18-13.... With the entire Mudcat Roster present we soared into victory. Everyone was on their game. Take that to ESPN and get out the Wheaties Box. The entire Mudcat Club is so proud of each and every player. Austin of course made some awesome outs at first, Aaron stopped some incredible balls coming to second, Tyler was hot on the pitchers mound, Caleb has some great plays behind the plate and at short, Trent was on fire gunning them down at third and at the bat, missing his over the fence homerun by inches, Conner was again pounding the ball into the outfield, Zach ran fast after launching an awesome hit, Regan and Korey made great contact at the plate, Phenix was fast out on the field and had some great hits, Holden was on his game making some great stops and getting the ball infield and loosing a tooth in the middle of the game didn't stop Kasey. Mudcats~~ You are awesome...

Monday, October 22 Another Awesome Game
Mother nature doesn't scare us! We messed with it and won against the Tornadoes 25-17. We never looked so good. Caleb continued to excel behind the plate with an awesome catch to end the 5th. Trent caught an awesome pop fly in the 2nd. Austin handled 3 outs at 1st and Tyler stopped several balls on his own. Aaron and Phenix made it a team effort getting the runner out at 2nd. Our hitting has improved (or was it the pitching??)with only 3 strike outs. Reagan, Kasey, Conner, Zach, Korey and Holden each had great hits!! AWESOME GUYS!! Game Ball: Caleb and Tyler

Tuesday, October 16 Mudcats Rock!
Wow! Mudcats you surely did show your stuff against the Tornadoes. You rocked it 27-13. The entire team was awesome tonight. Everyone had some monster hits and great plays. Could it have been that awesome line up? Caleb was awesome behind homeplate, Tyler had some great hits and defensive plays, Korey, Kasey and Reagan all pounded the ball. Enough can't be said about this team tonight. Way to play everyone. Only one more regular game then off to the playoffs. Game Ball: Korey and Reagan

Saturday,October 13 Another Hard Day!

Welcome back Coach Chris! Another hard day for the Mudcats with a loss of 23-10. They put up a good fight. We held our own in the 1st and 2nd innings but slowly started to fall apart. But that's ok. Even the Braves have an off game or two. We had some really great hits and made some great plays for outs. But we couldn't stay alive. Tyler had an awesome triple in the 1st. Conner did great filling in getting 2 outs at 3rd in the 1st. Holden had a really great game too playing center field and getting a double in the 1st. Zach was awesome in left field.They both were strong in catching the balls that were hit to them and getting them back into the infield to hold the runners. Really the game was over at 12-9, but that's another story. Two more games to go!! Game Balls: Zach and Holden

Thursday, October 11 What a Great Showing!!
With Coach Chris out of town again this week, sad to say that those darn Bulldogs put a damper on the Mudcats winning streak winning 24 to 13. Eventhough Coach Brett pitched a great game and we had some great hitting there were some defensive errors that costs us the game. But we are learning with every loss and victory. The Mudcats have not lost their spirit. Caleb had an awesome catch behind the plate, Phenix had some great plays, Trent had some awesome throws, Austin's defense was still stellar, Aaron continued to shine, Conner pounded the ball, Korey had an awesome double, Zach gave his all, Reagan ran his heart out, Tyler was great on the mound, Kasey hussled in the out field and Holden threw some bullets from center. But in the end it wasn't enough. So we must carry on. Game Ball: Phenix, Kasey

Tuesday, October 9 Mudcats Over the Storm
Another awesome Victory 19-13. Everyone was glad to see Coach Chris back in action. The Mudcats fought to the end. Looks like we are growing as a team every week. Conner missed his $100 bill by a couple of inches when his missile to the outfield stopped short then bounced over the fence. Wow! What a hit. Trent had another great defensive night and a great night at the plate. Way to go!! Game Balls: Conner and Trent

Thursday, October 4 Mudcats on a Roll!!
Victory 12 to 3!! With Coach Chris still out of town this week our coaching staff continued to step in and take charge. And we did take charge of the Storm. Coach Brett handled the pitching tonight and our players were on a roll. Holden's glove returned to play with some awesome 1st base coverage. And power hitter Trent went deep twice claiming some RBI's and throwing rockets to 1st for some outs. Way to Go Guys. Game Ball: Holden and Trent

Saturday, September 29 Holy Cow! We Are Out of Our Slump!!
Victory 13 to 5. Gooo Mudcats! I guess our summer practices paid off. I know the entire team was alittle nervous starting off the season but we sure did look good out there against the Tornadoes. The first inning was awesome. Our new combo of Tyler and Austin made for a 1,2,3 inning. Awesome plays and awesome outs. Way to Go Guys!! Game Ball: Tyler and Austin. Way to go Mudcats!!

Tuesday, October 2 Another Victory!!
Victory 15 to 11! With Coach Chris out of town we had Coach Keith sub as pitcher. No Cy Young for him! Thanks to all coaches for stepping in and doing your part. Our hitting was good and our fielding is getting better. Aaron had an excellent game with 2 terrific plays at 2nd. He caught a Fly- Pop and gunned down a runner at home. And Caleb really pounded the ball and had some great plays as well. The Tornadoes just couldn't keep up. Game Ball: Aaron and Caleb.

Alyssa playing with her play-dough during the game.

Holding a new puppy.

Friday, November 02, 2007

In the Past

This weeks In The Past picture........

Ms. Pole's 6th Grade......

Notice Brittain and I on the 1st row..... The A Team Nerds......
BB is that a Scatch Watch??

I loved the 6th grade. This is when I learned to take my camera everywhere. This was a class picture taken on the last day of school. Back when we looked forward to actually having three entire months of summer vacation. I was excited because I was going to spend the summer in New York at an acting camp and return to Junior High.

I have to add this one of Craig McLendon, Michael Scott and Tad Baker........... What is Craig doing?????? Always the jokester.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


We had a very packed day yesterday. Alyssa dressed up as a snow leopard for school.

Here is her class.

Notice all of the cool things that they make. She loves her school and her teacher.

Trent got to wear his favorite shirt. It glows in the dark. He said, "Mama some teacher said that I need to eat more, cause she could see my bones."

I got off of work early and we went over to my parent's house first.
She did not want to wear her Aerial Wig. This was the "look" I got.

But she soon opened up to the idea. (For a picture anyway)

Here she is with my niece "Belle"

Trent is out of the "cuteness" and wanted to be scary. My nephew was a knight.

I can't forget about the cowboy.......

After we went to a Halloween party at Brett's brother's house.

We were all exhausted by night's end.