Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Swim Party!

Haley turns 5!! My friend Carey's daughter had a swim party over the weekend! The kids had a blast.

NO Fear!

These next couple of weeks are going to be busy. On top of our big office move.... I have to work the race this weekend then in 11 days is Disney!!! Whoo hoo. Not to mention.... baseball practice, Daisy Troup meetings, School Council Meetings and homework! Whew.......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not THAT cup, Mom!

Last night I was preparing dinner and Trent came in the kitchen wanting something to drink. I grabbed an old glass out of the cabinet. It was a very old Disney glass. Trent looked at me with this disgusting look. "Mom, I can't use that! Dad used it outside." Eventhough these cups are completely cleaned, I didn't question it and grabbed him another cup. It was a black Tupperware cup that we have had forever. Again Trent gave this , "Mom...." look. I already knew what was coming.....

"I can't drink out of a black cup, Mom." "I can't see whats in there."

That's my boy!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy Tredecennial Anniversary, Brett!

It's weird sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday and others it seems like FOREVER.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday School

For months I have been trying to get Alyssa to wear this cute dress. On Sunday morning I laid out her church clothes as normal. Every Sunday its the same argument. She doesn't want to wear a dress and I want her to. (Or at least her "Sunday Best.") This Sunday was no different. I actually laid out a skirt and matching top. It wasn't "dressy" what so over. She pitched her fit screaming, "Please don't make me wear this!" Then out of no where so brings me the above dress. She wanted to wear that instead. You see its all about her getting her way and not wearing what I had laid out for her. But in the end I finally got her to wear the sundress so I just had to take a picture.
For the past couple of Sunday's Trent hasn't wanted to go to children's church. I finally figured out why. Last Sunday the children moved up into new classrooms. This didn't effect Trent but Alyssa moved into the Children's Church from the Pre-K class. She was so excited. Trent wasn't too thrilled. lol. I decided to stay in Children's Church to help out. They are learning about "God's Army" and at the beginning of their service they sing songs. These songs normally have hand and dancing motions. They watched a video first explaining the motions and the words to the song. Trent shyly raises his hand and asks "Do we have to do all of this?" The teacher said no but that he needed to stand. He was NOT going to participate. Alyssa on the other hand gladly went through the motions and movements.. dancing all around.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting any information out of the kids about school is nearly impossible. It's crazy. Am I wrong for wanting to know EVERYTHING about their day. It's like they are keeping this huge secret from me or something. It's driving me NUTs. I decided to try at bed time when they seem to want to talk and talk and procrastinate about going to bed. It's a great plan so far.

The other night I was getting Alyssa out of the tub when she said..... "Momma, I met Ms. DiSario today." For those who don't know she is the principal. Nervously I said, "Really?... Did you see her office?" "No, she came to our room and said, hey." Whew...... I was relieved.

Then I asked while blow drying her hair.... "Have you ever gotten in trouble from Ms. Calhoun?" I knew I was in trouble when she suddenly got silent and her head went down. "Uh Oh.... What happened... Trying to ease her mind I said... "Alyssa you won't get in trouble if it was just 1 time you can tell me." Luckily she was only talking out of turn. So I continued drying her hair until.......

She looked up at me and asked.... "Momma, will I get in trouble if it was 2 times.?" 2 Times? Then she told me the story of her and another little girl talking during lunch... Well that's not toooo bad. I explained to her that kindergarten has new rules and that she will have to learn and abide by them. I continued drying her hair....

Then I heard..... "Momma, will I get in trouble if it was 3 times." 3 TIMES..... Then she proceeded to say that she wasn't walking on the right "square" in the hall. Oh, Alyssa you need to learn these rules so you won't get into trouble.

Thankfully her hair is short and I was done drying it. I don't think I could have taken a 4th or 5th time.

Friday, August 07, 2009

First of all I will try to be a better blog poster. I know I have been a slacker.

This week went very well. I mustered up the courage to let the kids ride the bus in the mornings. I was really nervous about Alyssa doing that. I did tell her that she had to sit right behind Ms. Tinsley, so far she has done that. And she is so excited to be riding the bus. She has gotten up everyday without argument. So that has been a blessing. Trent well... that's another story.

They both seem to really like their classes so far. Yesterday I received a letter from Ms. D. (principal) that there had been several new registrations for kindergarten and that they will have to "restructure" the classes and move some around. I don't think that is will effect Alyssa because she is on what they call a 504 (because of the Brittle Bones) but I guess I will find out today or Monday. *** Ok, Ms. Calhoun now is your chance *** Just kidding. When I spoke to her on Tuesday she said that Alyssa was an **** now get this**** AN ANGEL. Don't worry Ms. Calhoun this is just the first

Everyday when I get home I immediately check their folders and see what homework they need to get done. On Wednesday I noticed that her lunchbox was missing from the pile of bookbags, shoes etc that they seem to love the throw down in the kitchen.... I thought to myself that she must had forgotten it at school. No big deal... I was wrong. She came a "bopping" into the kitchen opening up the refrigerator... "Look Mom, I already packed my lunch for tomorrow." Sure enough I looked into the lunchbox. She had made her turkey sandwich, gotten a juicebox, her carrots/ranch and stick of cheese. What a great helper.... She didn't dare make Trent's though. He would have had a fit if she had touched his food with her bare hands..

Yesterday I must had received 5 calls from Trent on my cell phone while I was at work. It must have my number memorized. Here was one conversation....

Son: "Mom, its Trent!"
Mom trying to work: "Hey, buddy watcha doing?"
Son starting to cry.....and the hurtful cry not the winy one..."Momma, Alyssa called me a Butt at school."
Mom trying not to laugh. "Well that wasn't nice. I will talk to her when I get home."
Son still crying and getting very emotional: "No, mom she called me a Butt in front of the entire Afterschool class...... and they all laughed."
By this time Alyssa had picked up on the line.....
Daughter so matter-of-fact: "Hey, Momma! When you coming home?"
Mom: "Alyssa did you call your brother a name at school. You shouldn't call your brother names at school. We don't say the word Butt at all do you understand?"
Daughter: "I didn't call him Butt, I called him Bubba"

I know for a fact that she has never called him Bubba and is clearly lying through her teeth....
Mom: "Alyssa don't do it again." Alyssa hung up.
Trent was still crying at this point... to the point of sniffling.
Mom: Trent we will talk about this when I get home.
Son: "But they all laughed"
Mom: "Trent I am working..... We will talk about it later."

So when I got home Alyssa still denied the Butt calling at first. Then she went up to Trent in a sweet voice, "I'm Sorry." I tried to explain to Trent that he shouldn't get so upset because someone called him a name, especially his sister. But in fairness he has been so mean to her for a couple of months about little things. So she found a way to get him back I guess. Soon he will learn to be nice to her. I told him.... it could have been worse.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

First Day of School

Well I did it. I made it through the day without shedding a tear. I still can't believe that both of my children are now in school. Alyssa was so excited. Trent~ not so much.....Actually, excited can't begin to described it. I drove them to the school and walked her to her room, with bags of supplies and "donations" in hand. I didn't think that Trent would want me to walk him so I told him to go ahead because I had to get Alyssa settled. Alyssa went right to her table where her name was. She sat right down and started working on her project. I briefly talked to her teacher (keep her in your prayers) and Alyssa looked up and said, "Momma, when do YOU leave?" I took my hint and walked out the door. In the hall I found Trent waiting for me. I was so glad. He never acknowledged that he wanted me to walk with him but we made our way to his class. I had to explain to his 3rd grade math teacher that I wasn't walking him to class, but simply going the long way to my car.

Showing off her lunchbox.
I had to beg Trent for a picture.

Ms. Calhoun and Alyssa on the first day of class.

Alyssa was so excited to be at the "big girl's" school.

It only took the school 3 hours to make the first of many calls. I look down at my phone and thought "oh, man thats the schools number." It was the nurse. Apparently, Alyssa was dancing in class and landing wrong on her ankle. The nurse just wanted to call. I had asked if she had fallen or hit it on something and the answer was no. So I said that I thought she would be ok. I asked to speak to her and Alyssa wouldn't do it. I think she thought I would come get her and she'd miss all of the fun. At least it was the nurse and not the principal. lol

That night Alyssa wanted homework so bad that she made some up. I know that won't last long.

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