Sunday, August 26, 2007

Birthday Party Weekend

We are all pooped out! Between Alyssa and Trent we had 3 Birthday parties to go to on Saturday. It was great that they all involved water. Brett had to work this weekend so it was all up to me. Since the parties were all pretty much family they both got to go to each of them. I really have to watch Alyssa near water because the girl has no fear. She loves to swim and is not afraid of anything. The first party was a swimming party for Haley, one of my best friends little girl. When we got there Trent was really contemplated whether he wanted to go off of the diving board or not. The next thing I know this happens.......

So of course then he had to do it. They had the best time. It makes me really miss my parents pool.

The next party we went to was Caleb's. He is a distant cousin who is Trent's best friend and who is also on his baseball team. His parents rented a huge water slide. I didn't get a video but here are some great pictures. Again Taz had no fear.

The last and final party was for Trent's cousins, Kasey and Korey. By the 3rd party they were pooped and so was I.

They both fell asleep early last night. I was extremely tired too. Well I am off to lay in the tub for a while.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This High School Musical phenomenon has got me thinking. What if our life was a musical. Wouldn't that be neat? I am going to try it one day. I'm just going to burst into singing during the day for no reason. Like at 1:00 instead of telling the receptionist, "I'm going to lunch" I will sing "I don't know where I'm headed, but I'm hungry and I'm going, yes I'm going to lunch." and of course end it in a really high note.

They say that High School Musical is this generations "Grease." I personally like and watched both High School Musicals, but I can't say I liked Grease 2. Anyone remember it?? "I'm a cool, cool, cool cool Rider. A C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R. It was sung by Michelle Phiefer. I know she can't be proud of that. But recently she is tried the musical thing in Hairspray. (The original one with Ricki Lake was another of my favorite movies) Back then I don't think none of us really knew how "bad" Grease was. There was smoking, teen pregnancy not the mention the words to Grease Lighting. HSM is very, very clean and the dancing is just awesome. I have watched HSM2 5 times since Friday.
Of course Alyssa likes Sharpay the best. She's sassy. Trent tries to act like he is not interested but I caught him trying to dance to the TV the other night when it was on.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The BEST night EVER!!

The gates to Turner Field opened at 5 so Heather and I were there and waiting. (With my laminated poster) First off I went to the AT&T Allstar Booth to sing a little Karaoke. Most of the available songs were older so I had to settle for "Better Things to Do" by Terri Clark. Then off we went to find our seats. I had bought them off of Ebay so I was a little nervous. The seats were awesome. They were right behind the visitors dugout. I went down to the crowd of little boys grasping at the chance to see Barry Bonds and quickly made friends with the usher. That's always the plan. I told her to pose for my scrapbook and promised her fame. So here she is.... I patiently waited for a glance of the 6'3 220lb AllStar. He was the last person out of the tunnel for batting practice. Kids were yelling his name. He said "Just a minute I need to practice." But just then a friend caught his attention and he walked down the 3rd base line to talk. As the crowd stayed by the dugout I snuck down the baseline. Here's a picture.....
As I stood infront of him waiting patiently to get my Giants hat autographed I thought "Holy *&^*&%^ I am standing infront of Ryan Klesko. " He was talking to his friends about meeting him after the game for drinks. Believe me I was trying to see where. Then I just did it. I stuck my hat infront of him and asked for the autograph. Here's another picture...... (Notice my hat in his hand)

I thanked him and walked back to my seat. The usher and Heather were excited for me. I wanted to pee in my pants. My mission was accomplished!!!!!!

Heather and I went to grab a slice of pizza and returned to our seats. He was on the field stretching and I held up my poster and shook it a little. Here was his response.....

Oh my God he just waved at me!!!!! Heather and some guys seating behind us are my witnesses to that!!!!

After I ate (actually I couldn't really eat I was so excited) I walked back down to my friendly usher to take some pictures of the dug out. Guess who walked by........

My new BFF, the usher, offered to take my picture. I stopped Klesko and asked for a photo. He paused, BUT HIS HAND IN THE SMALL OF MY BACK and smiled for the Camera......

Are you looking for the picture?????? Well don't My luck had just ran out. The usher was too close to us and the camera wouldn't snap. He was in a hurry and couldn't wait. So I didn't get that amazing photo. But that's OK. That's just something to strive for next season. He was really nice and patient. Sounding like a teenager...... I could never wash my shirt again.....just kidding.

He played good until he was thrown out of the game in the fourth inning. Here ya go.......

He argued a strike while at bat. (It was clearly a ball) He got ejected because he threw his bat. He didn't understand why when Chipper threw his bat in disgust he wasn't ejected either... (Yeah. Why not!!!!!) haha. Barry Bonds had to pick Klesko up and throw him down the dugout stairs to save him from a fine and suspension. Note: I would have been mad too......

So no more Klesko at first. But we couldn't leave then...... In the middle of the 5th inning Heather and I look up and there I am on the Big Screen singing karaoke against another girl. It was time for the All-Star of the Game contest.......... After the votes were in...... I WON with 74% of the votes.

Here is the video. The quality is really bad though.I don't think I sounded that great. I did sound country. Maybe they just voted for my boobs. For some reason they looked quite big in the video. (haha)

I was so excited I didn't get a still picture.
Brett saw Heather and I on TV. How awesome is that????

That topped my night.

**Note: I want to publicly thank Heather for coming with me. I know I embarrass her alittle from time to time.

Game #1

As most of you know I am a huge Ryan Klesko fan. This year he plays with the San Fransico Giants. I was lucky to get to attend 2 of the 3 games that he played against the Braves this week at Turner Field. The first night Brett and I went. We sat 2 rows behind the field on the 1st base side. Here was the view......

Klesko in action

Friday, August 10, 2007

Week Summary

Well this week went by fast. Trent really likes his teacher. She seems to be a good fit. Of course Trent doesn't say much. I have to drag information out of him. A cousin of his is now catching the bus at our stop, so Trent is excited. And my nephew, Bryce moved down our way and is in the first grade at Ola. So that's great too. Homework wasn't too bad this week. I wonder what the normal work load will be. They actually have vocabulary words that they have to know the definitions for plus spelling words. He takes things so literal I am going to have to find a unique way to teach him the vocabulary words, I think.
Alyssa had an interesting week. Her preschool teacher only lasted one day. Let's hope Taz wasn't the reason. But her new teacher, Ms. Julie seems to be good. Alyssa was good all week. They have a new color chart though. It goes green 1 then green2 , purple 1 (for more than 1 time out), Purple 2, Yellow, Orange and then Red. (that's too many chances I think) The second day she was on purple. She was a little confused if she was good or not. I explained to her that she was just OK. When we got home daddy asked her if she was good. She looked at him and matter of factly said, "I was just Ok."
We signed her up for ballet and tap classes. They are on Wed. The Atlanta Festival Ballet comes out to the school on Wed. mornings. Isn't that great? I don't have to rush anywhere. We will see how she does. She has been practicing dancing on her tippy toes. I don't care much for ballet but there are no clogging classes around in my area.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First Day of School

Well its come and gone, summer that is. Here is our First Day of School picture. They were dressed and ready to go. I did convince Trent to wear shorts, but notice they are very long shorts (almost capris). He was very excited to start school. I absolutely loved his teacher, Ms. Lyons. At open house last week she seemed to be a very sweet and loving person. He only has one friend in his class from last year, so I guess he will make new friends. And only 17 kids in his class which is a blessing. Alyssa started K-3. She was very excited to be in a new class too. although I bet the teacher is wondering what she did wrong.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Know....I Know....

I am sorry that I have been slacking up on my blogging duties. This summer has gone by so fast. I can't believe that it is time to start school again. Friday night we went to a swimming party. The kids had soooo much fun. Alyssa just loved it. Brett kept throwing her in the air. "Again Daddy, again!!", she would scream. She would completely sink to the bottom and then shoot up mouth and eyes open and all.

Yesterday we took Trent to Six Flags. Trent even rode the Minder Binder. It was hot, but not too crowded. I forgot how bad the Scream Machine and the Cyclone were. They were so bumpy. The newer coasters are so smooth. We had an awesome time. Trent got a free ticket through school for reading 600 min. He was excited to finally go since he had never been there before.

The swings and the Cyclone were the only rides that made me feel sick.

We didn't take Alyssa with us, but we of course brought her back something. She just loved her Supergirl cape and wrist bands. Now I only have to keep her from jumping off the furniture and screaming "SUPERGIRL."