Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Mom, This is the Best Day of My Life!!"

We had the best vacation! We left on Tuesday and arrived at Daytona in the evening. We went to the beach first thing Wed. morning. Alyssa did not like the beach. She and I stayed about 30 minutes playing in the sand then she wanted to go to the pool and that's where we stayed the rest of the trip. Trent, on the other hand, loved the beach and the pool. Him, Brett and Jeff played out in the water for hours.
This is a picture of Brett and Trent out at the sandbar. It was so funny. Jeff is so tall that people actually stopped to look because when he stood on the sand bar it looked like Jesus walking on water. Here are some more pictures of our time at the Hotel.

Indoor Putt-Putt on the resort.

Slide Time!!!

On Thursday of last week we took a day trip to Disney. We all had the best time. after riding Space Mountain Trent said, "Mom, this is the best day of my life." It was so heart warming.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just a couple of things before we head out for vacation........

Trent just loves "Summer Camp" at Alyssa's school. He gets to go on 1 field trip a week and swims 4 days. Last week they went to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He was so excited.

Last week they had a nerd contest. We dress him up really good. He was extremely nervous . It was cute. I let him wear on old pair of my classes from the ninth grade. Anyway, he actually won the contest. They gave him a gift certificate to Blockbuster. He was beaming. Little stinker wouldn't let me take a picture though. My dad taught him to say, "Did I do that?"~ like Steve Erkel on Family Matters.

The kids decided to build a fort in the dinning room. Here are some great pictures.

I had to take both kids for a check up last Friday. I thought getting them both there at the same time was a great idea. Boy, was I wrong. I was so exusted at the end of the visit. Apparently in January they added two more shots to the list of what they have to have. So they each got two. I wasn't worried about Trent because he gets two a week anyway. But Alyssa was a different story. From the beginning Alyssa didn't want to participate in the visit at all. All week we had been playing doctor with her Elmo but I guess that didn't work. She would not let them take her blood pressure and didn't want to sit on the bed either. Not to mention I had to hold her down for the shots.

Trent was 62 pounds and 4 foot 3. (95% in height and 85% in weight.) Dr. Ahn said he was on track to be 6'1. That's cool. Alyssa's weight was 39 pounds and she surprised us with being 99% in height and on track to be 5"8. (They did hers in inches I can't remember it ) That's awesome considering the (OI). But they did a hearing frequency test on her ears and unfortunately they didn't get any. So she failed the test and is being sent to a specialist. 50% of (OI) patients loose their hearing so I totally wasn't surprised its just disheartening. We made the appointment on the 28th of June. So keep us in your prayers.

We are going to Daytona tomorrow for a well needed vacation. Hopefully I can post some pictures by Sunday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We've Got Annie!!!

Growing up my favorite movie was always Annie!!! When I was little everyone in passing thought I was Molly, one of the orphans in the movie. See....I did look alot like her.
Over the weekend I decided to go buy the anniversary edition of the movie for old time sake. I still remember the entire movie and all of the songs. Alyssa loved the movie so much she has watched it every night this week. She's even going around the house singing "It's A Hard Knock Life For Us." There is a scene in the movie where the Orphans say, We Love you, Ms. Hannigan. And She replies... Aw, Shut up...... Alyssa would always run in to my room saying.... OOOOOO Momma, mean Ms. Hannigan said Shut Up. And would always explain that that wasn't nice and Jesus doesn't like that phrase. Yadda, yadda yadda.
We'll here is comes...... Today I go pick up Alyssa from school. She has been on green for 7 days straight so I was surprised to see her on red today..... I asked the teacher what had happened and said that Alyssa didn't want to sit in her seat and kept wanting to climb on things. When she asked her to sit down Alyssa turned to her and said........... You guest it.... Aw, Shut Up.....
It's Going to Be A Hard Knocked Life After All......

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sunday morning after breakfast Alyssa started dragging out her animals to play. I really wasn't paying that much attention to it because that is her regular routine on the weekends.
When I noticed all of the animals evenly lined up on her blanket I asked her what she was doing. The animals were apparently in Sunday School learning about Hansel and Gretel. She played and played for hours. They all got in time out and even took a nap!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last Game and Party

Trent had his last ballgame last weekend. It was his best game to date. Eventhough the Mudcats didn't have a good season Trent did his best and was their clean up batter. Last Friday night he batted his 3rd homerun of the season with 2RBI's. Another sticker added to his helmet. He is only a few inches away of being able to hit it over the fence. Brett told him he would give him$100's if it went over. So during Saturday's game he tried his hardest to do just that. He rattled the fence twice and had a pop up fly to the only person in their outfield who could catch. But not one over the fence. It's a good feeling when your child is up to bat and the other teams coaches yell "Big Stick, Big Stick, Heavy Hitter," while motioning for the outfield to back up. This was our first year in 7/8 where they actually keep score. What I love about our team is the combination of coaches, parents and kids. We couldn't have asked for better people. Playing ability, defintely, but not people.

Here are some pictures from our last game.....

Alyssa had so much fun bowling.......

Trent's Last Day of School!!

Trent and Ms. Phillips

Trent getting his 1st grade completion certificate. His look says, "Yeah, that's right."

He was proud of his medal. He also got a free ticket to Six Flags for reading 600 minutes. I am glad that it is summer. I have absolutely nothing to do when I get home during the week but cook dinner. So far this week Trent and Alyssa have enjoyed their "summer camp." They have been swimming almost everyday and Alyssa enjoys Trent being there with her. He also keeps an eye on her by being our little spy.

Our Day at Turner Field

Here are some of the pictures that were taken Memorial Day Weekend at Turner Field. We had a really good time. Trent really likes to actually sit and watch the game.