Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Alyssa's Big Day Out

Alyssa went to a birthday party over the weekend. She had soooo much fun. Poor thing doesn't get to do much so I always try to make all parties with her that I can. (Eventhough I am totally worn out by the end)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Her Favorite Song...

Alyssa's favorite song is "Pieces When You Go" by The Wreckers.
I finally got her to sing a little for the camera. She has great facial expressions.

Also, Trent went to the dentist and pediatrician this morning. We will have to give his tooth time. They said that the x-ray was fine, but if his tooth starts to change color or hurts that he might have to have a root canal. I told Trent that veneers are the "in thing" and someday he might just get some. (Haha) Unrelated**** He has a huge inflamed lymph node behind his ear. If the swelling doesn't go down with antibiotics he will have to have an ultrasound.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh! No!

We'll this season starts out with a bang.

Alyssa had a birthday party yesterday so I had Cousin Keith take Trent to practice since Kasey and Trent are on the same team this season.

Have you ever had a funny feeling or has something out of the ordinary just passed through your mind? I was on the way to the practice after the party when I had this thought cross my mind. I said to myself" Maybe not being at the practice wasn't a good idea. What if something happened and I wasn't there." I mean I know that Keith has my cell phone number but suddenly I felt uneasy. I caulked it up to nerves. I arrived at the practice with Alyssa in tow about 3:30 so practice had been going on about an hour. I walk up and Keith goes, I pulled a Brett. It took me a minute to process. Trent was out on the field at his usual 3rd base but hunched over spitting. He turned around and I gasped. His mouth was bleeding and his lip was HUGE. And I mean Huge. Worse than when Brett pounded him. He walked over to me spitting out blood. I calmly took him to the concession stand for some ice. It had happened about 15 min. into the practice, so it had been awhile. He said, Mom, I cried alittle." "It's OK, son." I rinsed his mouth out and made him apply the ice to his mouth.

He then said, "Mom, I made 3 good hits though" I was shocked that he continued playing, but that was a good thing.

I know he was trying to be strong because he knew that we were suppose to go bowling with Ashley for her birthday later on that night. He wanted to go bowl so bad. Since he has his permanent two front teeth I am alittle worried about what I see. Looks like his right front tooth is pushed back alittle. Short of taking him to the after hours Scottish Rite facility I called his dentist emergency number. I will take him tomorrow to be examined.

This picture was taken hours after. It took me that long to get him to let me take a picture. The ice did wonders.

Here are some funny stories from the day.....

I had to drop Alyssa off at my parents house so we could bowl and was worried about moms reaction to his lip and teeth. I said, "Man, Trent! Nanny is going to be upset at me." He said. Momma, it wasn't your fault, it was mine. I should have caught that ball."

Later on at the bowling alley we had to wait about 45 minutes for a lane. As we were sitting there he turned to my sister and I and said, " Look mom, (pointing the lanes) bowling is like knocking somebody's teeth out!" Laurie and I just burst into laughter.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Sorry this was late today..... More to blog about later.

I was completely shocked that Rudy was voted out. He wasn't that bad. The Prince Look-A-Like was much, much worse. Even though Best Friend from NJ should have been gone too, I was not completely shocked by the out come. I had heard earlier in the week about topless photos of her being on the internet so I figured she would stay.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top Twelve Girls

The girls put the boys to shame. I was disappointed that not one person sang country or even a current pop song. Most were R & B or 80's ballads.

1. Stephanie Edwards** Georgia's only contestant this year. She started the show out with a bang. Great stage performance. She set the standard being the first to perform. Reminds me of Tamara Grey from season one.

2. Amy Krebs** She sang the over used Bonnie Rhatts " I Can't Make You Love." It was just OK. Although I am so sick of hearing that song. She played it way too safe. Her voice is just OK. We hadn't really seen her before tonight. No air-time at all.

3.Leslie Hunt** I do not like this girl. She always looks as if she has a piece of gum stuck on the roof of her mouth. She tried to sing Natural Woman. The song was way too big for her. Kelly Clarkson sounded 100 times better with it.

4. Sabrina Sloan** (Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved a Man”) She was my favorite up until the end of the show. She has great personality and she picked an awesome song. I absolutely love her curls.

5. Antonella Barba** HORRIBLE. She mutilated (Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”)She was extremely nervous and it showed all the way through. She should leave tonight. Bye Bye Yankee from New Jersey. Bad, very bad.

6. Jordin Sparks** aka. The youngin. Only 17. (Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me a Reason”) At the beginning of this song I thought Oh NO. But she worked it out and ended really, really strong. She has a big Voice and seemed really comfortable on stage.

7. Nicole Tranquillo** REALLY, REALLY REALLY Bad. (Chaka Khan’s “Stay”) She looked like she was in pain throughout the song. Too. Aggressive. She needs to go home tomorrow too.

8. Haley Scarnato** Outdated Meatloaf's It's All Coming Back To Me. During her song it was like she picked the wrong time to take a breath. She is extremely pretty though.

9.Melinda Doolittle** She didn't do little. She did big. Back up singer no more. She belted out Aretha Franklin. She is one of my favorites.

10. Alaina Alexander** aka The Cryer** The Pretenders’ “Brass in Pocket”) BORING. She just sang it. No feeling at all. She "didn't make it her own"

11. Gina Glocksen** She has been one of my favorites since day one. I love her look, personality and spirit. Even though she has a big voice she still needs to step it up a bit. She picked the right song for the might but hopefully she will try something different.

12. Lakisha Jones** The soft spoken single mother. She was passion and adds emotion to every song that she has sung so far. Hopefully she will go far. She has a sweet spirit to her. And Jennifer Hudson better watch out. Simon was right when he said "I am very tempted to say to 23 people book your plane tickets home.”

Overall the girls were just better than the boys. But the strong front runners in the beginning don't ever keep it up. They level out at some point. Kelly Clarkson stay under the radar for the entire show until the end and we all thought last season that Mandisa would win. So it is still too early to make a prediction.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brett's Burger

Brett was so nice to cook dinner.
I just couldn't fit it in my mouth. The thing is huge!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top Twelve Boys

The AI guys made their debut last night. So what did you think? I saw alot of nerves in the room. The problem tonight was Song choice. Who is actually picking these songs. With an exception of a couple it was terrible.

First up,

RUDY CARDENAS ** He was all smiles. His "Freeride" song was cheesy. I kept thinking of the car commercial the entire time. His vocals were solid and he has alot of energy, but the performance was just average.

BRANDON ROGERS** He looked like part of the Jackson 5. His version of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" was according to Randy very pitchy. He performed like you average black guy.

SUNDANCE HEAD** "Nights in White Satin" He reminded me of the singer Meatloaf. It was very old fashion and I hated the way he pronounced some of the words. Needs to trim his go-tee. He definitely picked the wrong song. Horrible. I don't think I even liked his vocals. He definitely needs to redeem himself.

PAUL KIM** He reminded me of the Korean actor who plays in all of the teen movies. And the Barefoot thing has got to go that's extremely annoying. He mutilated "Careless Whisper." He started too low and cracked at the end. Not good at all. Some of his words I couldn't even understand.

CHRIS RICHARDSON** Everyone said he looks like Justin Timberlake. What? I don't see that. He looks like Chad Michael Murry. The guy from Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. He actually sang "One Tree Hills" theme song, I Don't Wanna Be. I like this guy. He wasn't WOW. But he sounded good with a good arrangement. He kept glancing behind him as he sang. Dude, no cameras back there. He's got potential.

NICK PEDRO** aka. Second Chance. He sang "Now and Forever" He had a good song choice I thought. Great falsetto. His voice is really, really soft. I originally really, really liked this guy. He was good tonight.

BLAKE LEWIS** Keen's -Somewhere We Only Know. He is my total favorite of the night. I did miss his beatbox routine, but he definitely showed us that he is much more than that. Very different and very perfect.

SANJAYA MALAKAR** He needs to go on Thursday. He was horrible. Really bad. The song choice, the voice EVERYTHING. He said that his sister picked the song. It was total revenge on her part. She was mad that she didn't make it.

CHRIS SLIGH** aka Jack Osbourne. He can sing but I do think that his personality has brought him this far. Bad song choice once again. He needs to open his mouth more when he sings. It was good just not great.

JARED COTTER** Anyone watch Prison Break? He looks like SUCRE (Amaury Nolasco) the Mexican dude on the run. He sang Brian Knight's (Back at One) It was good. But typical, I think.

A.J CABALDO** Oh! My Love. I can't hardly remember this guy. He must have not been good at all.

PHIL STACEY** My other favorite of the night. He started out rough but ended with a bang. I am tired of that song being sung though. They need to take it out of AI and retire it. He was great. He was voted the Best Vocal of the Night From Randy. I might agree with that. It's hard to say. Blake Lewis was a little better I thought. But I love this guys back story, missing the birth of his daughter then making it this far.

Sanjaya needs to go home tonight. I can't remember how many go. But Sundance might as well go with him.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ode to the Barfield Family

A couple of weeks ago we had a Surprise Birthday party for Brett's Uncle Bud. Here are some great shots......

Cousin Jan and Cousin John Lee

Here's Uncle Bud, Aunt Mog, Tony and LaurenThis is a great picture of all of Brett's Aunts and Uncles. His dad is second from right.

These are the grandkids. There is still alot of cousins missing. But this is a great picture.

Crazy Folks!!

NASCAR 2007- Daytona 500

Yesterday was the start the 2007 NASCAR season. Brett is big into the Nascar thing. I must say that they have the best commercials on TV though. I just hate that Sundays now until November are booked. Every weekend the same ole thing, a bunch of cars going around and around and around. To pass the time along I have decided that since my TV is being taken over from around noon to 6:30 every Sunday I need to make the best of it.

Last season I was the ESPN Stockcar Challenge Champion. Out of 4 guys I came in first. So to defend my title I again agreed to sign up for the challenge. We are the Snapping Shoals group and Commanche Girl is my name.

Brett main guy, Kevin Harvick won his first Daytona 500. You could hear the screams all the way down the street. He was so excited. (Brett like Dale Jr. too but I am not much for Trent running around the Budweiser gear on~ so we stick the Harvick's new Shell sponsor)

Again~ here are this week results. (Look out guys there is a new girl in town. Way to go Becky)

I am still ahead though. (*** Steven you may want to make sure that the drivers you pick are actually racing. That may help you next week)

Lisa 546

Brett 528

Becky 439

Jeff 434

Brett Looker 401

Steven 268

Here is how it works...... Each driver is worth so many points. Ex. Tony Stewart is worth 23, and the lowest is like 13.0) Each player has 100 points to spend and can not go over the 100 allotted. Each player picks 5 drivers. Every race depending on how the driver did, the point value for each driver goes up. So it just all about picking the right drivers. Every time the driver leads a lap you get extra points. If they win its even more.
This does mean that I get a trip to Daytona. Even if its just to see Harvicks car.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ryan Klesko made a name for himself very early on in his career as an integral part of the successful Atlanta Braves franchise in the 1990s. Although he remains an offensive threat for the San Fransico Giants, Ryan Klesko is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time hunting, fishing, surfing and even gold prospecting. On Ryan Klesko’s Adventures viewers get an inside look at the life of one of the best baseball players of his generation and they also get a glimpse of Ryan’s many outdoor passions. When he’s out in the wild, there’s no telling what sorts of adventures Ryan will find.

And of course I plan to find them with him.


** Note** over the winter he was traded to the Gaints.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Bad Word.

On Friday night Trent was on the phone again with his little friend from school. I heard him say, "Justin, don't say that, that's a bad word!" "Jesus doesn't like that word!" I thought, "Oh, great." After he got off of the phone I asked Trent what the little kid said, Trent's reply, "Mom, he said the word stupid." Boy was I relieved.!!
We have been studying for the big CRTC test that he has to take in the spring. I was always a bad test taker. I was always worried more about finishing the test than anything else. This will be challenging for him (and me)
Last night we filled out his valentines for his party tomorrow. He was so cute and full of questions. Mom, can I fill one out to myself. Mom, what if I get a girl's valentines at the party. I had to explain to him that everyone picks out "their" favorite character and gives that to their friends. So, yes. He will get an Ariel or some other "girl" valentine tomorrow. He had 4 left over. He just had to fill one out to Nene, Aunt Mog, Grandmommy and "the old" Papa. Too cute!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Top 5

Since I haven't done my Top 5 in a while I thought that I would update it......





Does anyone know who Dierks Bentley is? Holy Cow. He was hot with the locks, but man take a look at this.....
He is even hotter with them gone. Last night I was forced to watch the Nascar Bud Light Shoot-Out. He was the opening entertainment. WOW!! Brett really likes his music. Too bad he isn't coming to the ATL anytime soon.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Besides Megan's big win.... there is not much going on this week. I did attend her little ceremony at the Texaco where she bought the ticket. They interviewed her for the AJC and Channel 46 News.

I am starting to get sick AGAIN. I can't believe it. This is all just crazy. I guess I will revisited the doctor on Monday if I don't get better.

AMERICAN IDOL was boring this week. There were some great performers but nothing too memorable. Lost was great though.

This weekend I will attending Clayton State University for a QuickBooks accounting class. 9-4. That's one long day to be sitting at the computer. But it's stuff that I need.

Also, I know that I sent most of you an email but...... Trent is JUMP ROPING FOR the American Heart Association. If anyone is interested in giving/donating please email me or mail a check made out to them and just mail it to me. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Have YOU Ever Known a Lottery Winner?

Brett's 1st cousin, Megan, won 1 Million Dollars in the Georgia Lottery on a scratch off over the weekend. We have been keeping this a secret until today. We woke up to find her picture on local newspaper, television and internet. This is so exciting..... I guess I will have to find a new baby sitter.... (She's the one on the right)

Grocery store co-workers ring up $1 million lottery win

Date: February 05, 2007

ATLANTA – Two grocery store co-workers are the newest members of Georgia’s $500 Million Club. Megan Maloy and Barbara "Chessi" Scarbary played the instant game Georgia's $500 Million Club and won a $1 million prize. They claimed their winnings at Georgia Lottery headquarters Monday as C & M Enterprizes.
"I almost passed out, and she screamed her lungs out," Scarbary said.
The pair purchased the lucky ticket Friday at Saddle Creek Texaco, 840 Hampton Rd. in McDonough. They scratched the ticket while parked in front of the store.
"I was just screaming," Maloy exclaimed. "There were people walking by staring at us."
Maloy, 24, and Scarbary, 18, work as customer service associates for Publix Super Markets. Maloy, a McDonough resident, is studying information technology at Clayton State University. Scarbary resides in Jackson and is studying business at Griffin Technical College.
According to Maloy, she will pay off her car, pay on her home, invest and start planning her wedding with her fiancé, Wayne.
Scarbary shares that she will pay off her car, pay bills, invest and purchase an automatic gate opener for her family's home.
"We're so excited that we haven't been able to sleep," Scarbary said. "It's still sinking in."

Sunday, February 04, 2007

We'll call me crazy but on Saturday I went to a clogging workshop with a couple of friends. I haven't danced in 18 years. THAT's 18 YEARS. When I first arrived and saw the teenagers getting out of their cars I thought " Oh, man what have I done." Needless to say that Jessica, Amiee and I were the oldest ones out on the dance floor. We learned around 4 different routines. to current songs. It was like riding a bike, something that you just don't forget. We were a little tired and sweaty but we held our own. We were even asked to join as adult team. I was really pleased with myself. I didn't blackout, faint or hyperventilate. The workshop lasted from 11-4pm. At one point I asked Jessica what time it was, horrified to learn that it was just 1:30pm We all started laughing. Dancing took me back to my Hee-Haw days.

Trent had a blast with Brett and Jeff on Saturday. They all went to the Georgia Tech basketball game. Trent had never been to a basketball game before. He had his picture made with Buzz and after the game a player gave him a high five. He was on cloud nine the rest of the day.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I am finally starting to feel better. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.
The week started out with my DVR not working. I was worried to say the least. But then on Wednesday night it just started back working. I was so thankful.
I am looking forward to "going to Hollywood" next week with American Idol. This is where the eliminations begin. Last week I really like the "Jack Osborne" look a like. He was really funny with the whole David Hasselhoff thing. There were other standouts too, but I can't remember right this minute. I enjoyed having Olivia Newton-John on as a judge. She seemed more relaxed on AI than the does on Grease The One That I Want show.
Has anyone seen this? So me those performers are just terrible. I know that broadway is over the top, but these people way over do it. And the songs they chose are really bad too.
This weekend I am going to a clogging workshop. For those of you who don't know I danced for several, several years as a child, even being on Hee-Haw. I haven't clogged for about 15 years but a friend of mine asked me to go to this thing and I thought that it would be fun. Bret thinks I'm crazy. I will probably be so sore Saturday night. I guess I will take some Advil before I go.
Big Superbowl weekend!!! I just like to watch the commerical. Has anyone seen the K-Fed commerical yet. It is really, really funny.