Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Olympics.

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I do try to watch them every year that they are on because they only come around every four years. The games are getting way too high tech. What happened to they old fashioned Olympics? Holy cow. That freestyle stuff is amazing. I can't even do a flip off of the diving board. I always vote for the underdogs. It's funny that every athlete has some kind of comeback story. Have you noticed that before any Olympic competition, they show us a sappy, Olympic montage about the athlete and their struggles they have faced trying to make it to the games. Are they making that stuff up? I'd like to hear some of the older Olympians stories... Bruce Jenner, Dorothy Hamill ect. I think sometimes they have to be making some stuff up. Over half of the athletes have this cockiness about them with the exception of Apollo, of course.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekly Recap!

So I took the kids to the Asthma/Allergy clinic on Wednesday. Alyssa had to have the skin test done to check for allergies. That constitied of 48 little needles being injected into her back. It actually sounds worse than it is. They are little pricks. She only cried for approx. 2 minutes. She was more worried about getting a band aide then anything. They punctured her basically all of one time. Besides being allergic to dust mites and cats she has a high allergic reaction to fish. So maybe that's what has been making her sick alot. I feel bad because we eat alot of fish and always gave her bites of ours. She can't die from these allergies they just make her sick. She also had a slight reaction to soy. So I will have to do some research about that. Trent does have asthma, but thankfully it's only allergy induced. He will have the skin tests done in March. To be honest I'm more worried about Trent's allergies than hers. From the time he was born he was always had bronchitis, airway path disease or some other long infection. I guess we will find out next month.
I went to the coaches/team mom meeting last night. Man, those people mean business. I need to try to find some sponsors for our team. That's the task for this week. I can't wait for spring.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's a funny story...

Brett calls me yesterday on the way home and says that Trent brought home a "queer bear." What? You mean that they can't pray ect. at school but they give him a "queer bear" to bring home. When I got home I asked him about the bear. He was so excited about the bear. "See, Mom. It's a queer bear!" As I read the instructions that came with the bear I realized he was saying a "career bear, not a queer bear" We laughed so hard. That was the funniest thing. It's a career bear that comes to live with one family for one night. We had to write in a journal about what Brett and I do for a living. It was a really cool project.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Super Bowl/ BINGO

I didn't get into the Superbowl this year. I sent Brett to his cousin's house instead of everyone coming to mine. I thought since Trent had been sick that was the right thing to do.(I honestly didn't feel like company) I usually will watch all of the commercials and half time show, but I only tuned in for the last 5 minutes of the game. (I was actually waiting for Grey's Anatomy to come on). Did anyone see the amazing Macgyver Mastercard commercial? It was great. Classic Macgyver. Here is a web site to view all of the superbowl commercials and vote for your favorite.
Since I was confined to the house Thursday and Friday and most of Saturday (with the kids) I decided that I needed some "me" time on Sunday before the game, so I went to Bingo. I dusted off my Bingo bag and dobers, grabbed my loose change and went. I used to go all the time with friends and my grandma but hadn't been in probably 5 years or more. Oh, and I want to give a BIG Shout Out to all of the Family that I called to go with me and declined my invite. I ended up going all by myself. Yep! Just me and a bunch of old people. I sat next to this lady who reminded me of Grandma***** She'd turn to me and say "Honey, did they say 54 or 64?"
I usually only play with 3 sheets per game. (There are 3 cards to a sheet. that's 9 total per game.) But man those people have up to 20 sheets. And they mean business. During one game I had glanced over to this lady beside me and just gazed at her sheet. I noticed that she didn't have one of her numbers marked so I pointed that out to her. I thought that she would have been thankful, but she gave me the dirtiest look. She could have won and not known it. See if I help anymore. Bingo has gotten hi-tech. They actually had TVs in all corners of the room to show the ball that was up before it is called. WOW! Of course I didn't win. But I had fun playing.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where Are You?

I know everyone is wondering where my post have been. I'm sorry. I've been dealing with some of lives challenges. (to say the least) Here's a little glimpse into what's been going on.

First of all did you know.........

An electrical injury can occur to the skin or internal organs when a person is directly exposed to an electrical current.

The human body is a good conductor of electricity. Direct contact with electrical current can be fatal. While some electrical burns look minor, there still may be serious internal damage, especially to the heart, muscles, or brain.
About 1,000 people die annually of electric shock in the United States.
The outcome of an electric shock to an individual depends on the intensity of the voltage to which the person was exposed, the route of the current through the body, the victim's state of health, and the speed and adequacy of the treatment.
Electric current can cause injury in three main ways:
Cardiac arrest due to the electrical effect on the heart.
Muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction from a current passing through the body.
Thermal burns from contact with the electrical source.

We'll last Monday (1/30) Brett had an accident and was electrocuted while replacing ceiling tiles. He was transported to Grady and they performed several tests that all came back normal. Other than some numbness in his hand and some pain in his chest he is ok and will be fine. He was extremely sore from the fall and of course his body has been aching from the electro current. He actually has a doctors appointment today with his PCP to get a complete check-up. So please keep him in your prayers. ( I guess I will be changing all the light bulbs in the house from now on.)
On Thursday and Friday Trent was extremely sick with strep throat. Since he has never really been sick before he took this really hard. I took him to the doctor and in the waiting room he started to moan really loud. It was funny because he was just acting like his daddy. By Saturday his fever was gone and now he is much, much better.
After a rough week and three days in the house with he kids, I decided to have some alone time. I went to play Bingo. And lost. But it was fun and nice to get out for a while.
Monday (yesterday) I got another phone call. Ealy (my father-in-law) had been in a car wreck and has taken to the hospital. His seat belt caused the most damage They admitted him with a bruised heart. So he is still there. Pray for him too.