Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekly Update

We have been busy this week.

Trent played in two games and did extremely well on the mound and at third base. He chased a batter who was trying to steal to third and tagged him out and assisted the 1st baseman for an out while on the mound. His pitching is getting better too. He only pitched a total of 2.5 innings but only walked 2 batters.

He also was the only one in his class to receive a 100 on his math test. (which was multiplication word problems) You just don't know how much that brought me to tears. Because he can't be on his medicine until June, it takes all of his effort to get his work done and comprehend it. We worked and worked on studying for that test. He was so excited.

Taz on the other hand... She is getting more and more independent every day. She actually has been trying to be since birth. I watched her get a plate out of the dishwasher, make sure it was clean, get bread out of the bread box and continue to make herself a complete sandwich of her own. It was so funny. She is becoming my big helper. Without asking or making comments about it she went into the dryer and got out the clothes and decided to "fold" them and take them to her room. For only that reason, I wish I would have had more girls.

I try to at least twice a week to help her read a book. She is doing extremely well with that.

Starting tonight I have to work at the racetrack the entire weekend. Why does it rain every, single race......


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow! Grab a tissue. This is a great video.

Monday, October 20, 2008

On Sunday we got together for my sister's 40th Birthday and my mom's 60th Birthday.

The boys were outside playing. My dad told them they could go alittle ways into the woods in the back yard. I walked outside to check on them. Daniel is running toward me explaining that Trey and Trent had went far into the woods. He looks at me and says, "Quick you need to go back inside and get an adult to go in the woods to get them." I looked at him and said, What so you think I am?"

Other funnies.....

Out of the blue the other day Alyssa tells my mom......

"Nanny, when you go to heaven can I still come over?" "Sure," Nanny says........
Nanny then looked pitiful. Alyssa then suddenly pointed to my dad and said, "But your going first."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Left Over Disney pitcures

I had ordered some photos from Disney and they came in yesterday. Here are my favorites.....

Check out these below....It's Trent and Wayne (looking like he is in some serious pain), Megan and Brett. Then the next picture in the front car is Jeff and me. (I could be Wayne's Twin) Funny!

I saved my favorite for last.....

Pluto is Alyssa's favorite character. This is priceless. It actually brought tears to my eyes that day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Those of you who didn't know......... A couple of weeks ago Brett had a cyst removed from tail bone. Everything was going great then it formed a hemotoma (A hematoma, or haematoma, is a collection of blood outside the blood vessels,[1] generally the result of hemorrhage, or more specifically, internal bleeding and got infected.)

I will spare you the horrible details but finally after two long weeks he is able to return to work. I need to thank Heather and especially Julie for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that they have done for Brett and I these past couple of weeks.

On another note...........

Last weekend we were able to get away for the night going up to Blairsville to Brett's cousin's place. What an awesome place to go to "get away." We left after Trent's game in Friday and returned on Saturday night. We had the best time just being there. Brett couldn't walk around much so we just took Trent to one festival where he go to Rock Climb for the first time and Swing. Poor thing, cried when we left. "Can't we just live here." That's when I decided that I just want to sell boiled peanuts by the side of the road for the rest of my life. Wouldn't that be fun........

Some great stories........

Trent changes classes for math this year and is in there about 45 min. His "homeroom" teacher said that she had to get on to him for being "Mr. Funny Man" when she is in the middle of teaching. So I had to have a talk with him about the right place and time for such humor. Then I asked him if he ever gets in trouble by his math teacher. He looked at me in all seriousness and said, "No, mom I just don't have time."

This year in baseball all the rules are about the same as regular MLB. They can steal, walk, balk etc. He was soooo funny last night. He finally got a hit and ran to first...... He is slowly learning about stealing.... but mom and I noticed that he tip toes off first to get a lead to steal second. HE LITERALLY TRIES to Tip Toe towards second like he is trying not to be seen or heard.\ before he talkes off. Well he did steal to second. The pitcher walked to next two and the bases were loaded. I look up and he has a huge lead off of third. I thought "oh good Lord, please don't try to steal home." The pitcher tries to pick him off but he makes it back LITERALLY crawling to the plate on his hands and knees. Everyone was chuckling..... Then the pitcher walks another one and Trent is walked in. This has never happened in one of our games... Trent is confused.... What is just happened? Our third base coach tells Trent "It's a Walk" and motions him home. So what does little Trent do....... The LITERALLY walks home. Everyone is saying, Run Trent Hustle...... He gets to the dugout and I say, Trent you have to hustle home and touch the plate.... What does he say????? Mom, Coach Mario said that it was a WALK.......

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dance Of The Dead (2008) Official Trailer

Here is the trailer for Brett's Cousin (Chandler Darby) Halloween Movie, "Dance of the Dead." He is one of the main characters. We had the opportunity of seeing it at the Atlanta Premiere over the summer. I am not a fan of horror movies, but it is really funny more than scary to me. I guess because I know that Zombies aren't real.

Anyway, It comes out on DVD this Tuesday. The LA premire is on Monday. Great Job, Chan.

Get your copy here:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Trent's Class

Here is a great picture of Trent's Class
An artist at work! ) Notice the bottle of Hand Sanitizer on his desk. Totally Trent.

Hat Day!

I thought this was a good picture of Trent and his Davy Crockett Hat. It looks like a mug shot.
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Happy Birthday, Trent





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