Thursday, September 30, 2010

I found this in Trent's room so I mailed it with a self addressed stamp envelope.... let's see if we get a response.

School Pictures

Seriously... how cute are these???

They are the best school pictures I have seen in a long time. Alyssa's missing teeth are so picture perfect!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gotta Love Their Humor

 Have you ever noticed the way the Braves Rookie pitchers carry their supplies to the bullpen. It just cracks me up!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

# 1 Fan Experience

We'll things change!! A couple of weeks ago I heard a rumor that my dearest Ryan Klesko would be coming to town for a September game. He was going to be there promoting hunting/fishing show that he is afilated with. It's been since 2008 that he retired. If you recall... at my last stalking meeting with him my camera failed me and I didn't get a picture. That was the only thing that was missing from my collection.
So I scurried online and bought some seats from StubHub... Side note... I LOVE Stubhub. Unlike Ticketmaster, you get to kind of pick your seats. Anyway, of course I called my beloved friend Heather, she has been there through the years and I knew that I could drag her with me.
In my head... this was to be kind of like a goodbye. It might be time to  grow up  move on.
Of course we got there when the gates opened @ 5:00. I was so excited and nervous. We got through the gate and began looking for the line. I had my Klesko jersey... hoping that he could sign it. We looked and looked... but no one seemed to know where he was. From some reason EVERY worker that we talked to was so overly friendly and nice. It was kind of unusual.
 Out of the corner of our eye we saw two men dressed in business attire with Braves ID's. Surely they new what was going on. I went up to them and asked where Ryan was. They looked little nervous and said, "He's right out there." They were pointing to the center of the main gates. But they explained that once we were in the park, we couldn't go out and be readmitted. Heather started to panic... I just simply said , Well, OK. I will just go out the gate, get my jersey signed, and then purchase a cheapo ticket and come back in. I really had it all figured out. I started to hand Heather my stuff when one of them said, No just go to the 755 Club and tell them that you left your inhaler in your car and need to retrieve it. They will let you out and then back in. Cool. That was a plan. Will anyway before we knew it... that nice gentleman took us into the 755 Club and had our ticket re scanned and was out the door on our way. Whew... that could have ended badly....

Then we saw the line and at the other end was.....
OMG.... my heart started to pound..... I had to give Heather a quick lesson on how to use my camera.

Getting closer.... Man he is still hot.......

As we stood in line I noticed how relaxed he was. Not like the previous times I have seen him. I was really, really excited at this point.....
Then it was my turn... I simply asked him if he could sign my jersey.... ABSOLUTELY he said.

Then he said, "Wow, this jersey is neat.... I don't even have this one." I explained that I have had it along time. Then I asked, "May I get a picture?" Sure, he said, come on around. I quickly ran to his side of the table. I couldn't believe this was finally happening after 16 years of being his #1 fan.....
And here it is...... finally. It turned out great. After Heather snapped the picture I thanked him and said it had been a pleasure watching him all of those years..... He said, Thank You.
Wow! What a great Fan Experience. After it was over... we went back through the gates.... I thought I was really going to pass out.
Thanks Heather for being my partner in crime!