Sunday, April 30, 2006

What Can I Say...........

Trent had a very exciting game last night. He played extremely well. (Not just his mom talking here!!) Imagine..... Two men on (1st & 2nd).. Trent's up to bat... and WHAM.....all the way to the fence. HOMERUN. He was sooooo excited. Then the coach switched Trent from third to first base. I was nervous because he is so used to third. He actually caught the ball and touched the base. OUT!! He got the runner out at first. And because of all of this.... he received the game ball. It was such a moment.

Ok. So there is a reason why I told you that story first....

Friday night Trent also played extremely well. He had two big hits and some great plays. Our first baseball had gotten hit in the mouth with the ball when the ball came up from his glove and hit his mouth. So he was taking a little timeout. The second inning they usually switch the players around so everyone gets a chance to play. So Trent went from third to short stop and we had a new 1st baseman. I leaned over to Jeff (Brett's Cousin) and said "I don't think that is a very good idea because Trent is so used to throwing such a long distance from 3rd to 1st. He is going to over throw the ball to the first baseman." A couple of plays later Trent got a grounder and threw it to the 1st baseman. It was a great throw right to him. (His face that is) The player didn't get his glove up in time and Pow. Right to the mouth. Ready for this..... Knocked the poor kids tooth out. I felt so bad. He was bleeding and crying. But was ok soon after. He got right back out there. After the game I told Trent to apologize. Trent looked at me and said "Mom, he should have caught the ball, it was right to him." It was all I could do not to laugh. Trent did finally say he was sorry.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

OK! Who's In.

Calling All Ladies.......... (We'll not all just a few)

My sources tell me that they are filming a movie here in our beloved town called "The Marshall." Take a guess who it stars...... The most sexiest Matt's on earth.
That's right....him and him.

How lucky is that???? The best part is rumor has it that Matt # 1 is here for the next 5 months and is staying at GUESS>....................


He has decided to park his huge AirStream RV here. I am sooooooo glad that I got a year membership to the park. I know one of my dear friends will come be a stalker with me........ Come one Matt lets so see the lazer show.....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dear God! Please Don't Let Mama Find Out What I've Done.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sorry I didn't get my AI comentary up before the result show .

My bottom three choices were Ace, Kelly, and Paris.

Kelly really should have been gone but I was glad to see the molestor go. He will be a good model for the Gap or something.

I really liked Rod Stewart. He has been the best guest so far. Very funny sense of humor.

Can can't believe that Chris was in the bottom three? I smell a rat.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ode to Goonies..........

Funny Video Clips and Funny Video Codes for Myspace

Goonies has to be the best movie ever made. Everytime it is on cable I always stop to watch it.

For everything about the Goonies go to.

I'll get you ~~You Goonie~~

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts for this week.........

Trent took this picture all by himself. I like it cause you can't tell that I have a lazy eye in this picture. (most pictures you can)

We took Alyssa and Trent to see the Easter Bunny last weekend. Easter always seems to sneek up on me every year. Alyssa did just fine until she just happended to look up behind her. Then she started to cried and scream, Momma, momma, daddy, daddy. But we ended up with an Ok picture. When we left Trent asked us, "How come there is a man in that suit?" It was funny.
If I have to see THE LITTLE MERMAID for the 100th time I will scream. That's the only and I mean "only" movie that Alyssa will sit and watch. I heard her outside yesterday talking about Eric and dinglehoppers.
Yesterday Trent caught a slug. He named it Ace. I had to convience him that Ace would die if we brought him inside. He was finally Ok with that. We let him go under this tree.

We had spagetti for dinner tonight. What a mess!!!!!

Alyssa seems to think that mixing her food and drink in her plate is good. We are trying to get her out of that. Any suggestions?????

Heather and I are going to the Braves game tonight. 2nd row beside the Braves dugout. I was acutally going to see Klesko, but since his surgery on Monday I doubt he will be there. But that's oK. I am going to try to hang on to my Bellsouth Allstar of the Game Title. I guess we will see.Trying to choose a song is hard.

Speaking of singing........... BUCKY is GONE from AI. That's not too shocking. Anyone read the article on Some time ago he switched idenities with Rocky, his brother. You can read the entire article on their web site.

Does anyone else think that Katie Holmes is not really preggers? I heard this discuusion on the radio. I have never beleived TOMKATS relationship. The Oprah thing was just too wierd. Especially since he has been the most private actor in hollywood until dating her. He has just snapped. Scientology Weirdo. His reputation is so important to him. There is some big pregnant scientology women hidden somewhere waiting to give birth. Who wants to bet that Katie looses all of her "baby weight" within two weeks or so.

Has anyone caught the show on Oxygen called "Campus Ladies" What a horrible waste of tv time. I taped an episode last week that a friend of mine was in. HORRIBLE. Its an improv show so the actors just say their lines. There is no writers or script to go by. It was bad. But Melissa was good though.

Anyone watch PRISON BREAK. Man, guys that show is so good. One of the best on TV. Wentworth Miller is HOT. Brett and I acutally watch that together along with American Idol and Lost.

Next week there is another show coming on called What About Brian. It looks really good. It stars Barry Watson from 7th Heaven and Sarah Lancaster from Everwood/ Saved By the Bell 2nd class. This whole WB UPN shake up in the fall is going to be tough to get used to. Let's hope that Everwood, One Tree Hill and America's Next Top Model stays with the change. ABC is trying to get DAYS OF OUR LIVES to move from NBC to them. After 25 years of watching it on NBC that will be hard to get used to too.

Does anyone elses laundry seem to never be done. If I'm not washing, I'm drying. Poor things hardly ever get folded and put away when they need to.I HATE FOLDING clothes and emptying the dishwater stinks too.

Oh no gotta go.......... The LITTLE MERMAID stopped I think there is a scratch on the DVD. Please help!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Queen's Night

So do you think that Kenny Rogers to now offended that they didn't have all of his songs last week. They have already had Stevie Wonder night and now Queen. I'd be upset.

There was no one who just blew me off my feet. Maybe it was the Queen tunes, I don't know.

Let's start from the bottom

8.) Ace- aka the molester. I applaud him for trying something new. We Will Rock You, no not really. Didn't like it. He just gets on my nerves I think.

7.) Bucky- Eventhough I loved, loved, loved, Flat Bottom Girls (haha) he just seems to mumble through the songs. Great cfhoice of song for him but vocally he wasn't there tonight.

6.)Chris Daughtry (Innuendo) He should have picked a more popular song. I wish I could have seen all of the older folks faces. I just hated the song. Bad choice.

5.) Paris Bennett "The Show Must Go On" Wow. Her rocker chick look is just strange. I didn't like it. Every week she just looks so different. Her voice is a power house, but parts of the song sounded off to me.

4.) Taylor Hicks-(Crazy Little Thing Called Love”) I don't think it was fair that he sang this since it is not really a Queen song. But he did song like the old Taylor which was good. Too bad he messed the mic kick that would have been cool.

3.)Kellie Pickler (Bohemian Rhapsody”) When I heard that she was singing this song I thought it was going to be her time to go. It wasn't that bad. Her hair was cool. She used the stage a little more than everyone else. She pulled it off. If she is playing the dumb girls cards that would be sad. Next she should sings Pink's song, Stupid Girls. That would be funny.

2.)Elliott Yamin (Somebody to Love) My boy, Elliott was rockin it tonight. He does always seem to pick the harder songs and pulls it off in the end. You go white boy. (side note: my tv guide said that he was at a Lakers game when someone came up behind him and put him in a choke hold and said "You have more sole than my brothers!" It was Cuba Gooding, Jr. that was cool.

My favorite one of the night was.......

1.) Katharine- She looked beautiful and sounded absolutlely awesome. I loved it. She has a powerful voice.

Eventhough I put these in my order I think the bottom three will be....

Ace, Bucky and Paris. Maybe just maybe the molester will go.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Get Well Soon...

I wanted to share this because I know all of you are worried. Haha! (Don't think that I didn't send him a Get Well Card On Monday either.)

SAN DIEGO -- Surgery on the AC joint in Ryan Klesko's left shoulder will be performed on Monday morning, sidelining him for two to four months, the Padres' first baseman said Friday night.
"I'm hoping sometime around the All-Star break," Klesko, 34, said when asked when he'd be swinging a bat again in a Padres uniform. "It's a big timetable. It's tough to gauge, it really is."
Manager Bruce Bochy said it would be "at least a couple months," depending on how well Klesko recovers from surgery. Doctors told Klesko he could be back in game action "in two months or four months.

"There's a lot of work to be done on that bone," Klesko said. "From there on out, it's pain tolerance. It's going to be sore for a while."
A recent MRI, Klesko said, revealed extensive damage.
"We didn't want a rollercoaster situation," he said. "The MRI didn't show good news. I just want to get it done.
"I've only had one surgery [on his right shoulder in 2003] since I signed in '89. I'm not going to sit here and [say], 'Woe [is] me. I've had a great career. I just want to get back to work.
"When I had the surgery on the other shoulder, it was three months before I could go 75 percent. But this isn't as bad."
Most of Klesko's problems in the second half last season involved a neck impingement. The shoulder, he said, wasn't a serious issue until late in the offseason when he began hitting the weights.
"There was a little discomfort toward the end of last year," Klesko said. "I didn't have a whole lot of pain in the offseason. If I did, I would have done something."
He mentioned he was experiencing some pain the night of March 25, when the Padres played the A's in a Phoenix exhibition, but he said he planned to play through it and have surgery in the offseason.
Klesko subsequently took a cortisone shot -- then another this week after he was put on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to March 26.
Klesko took some three-quarter swings before the game Friday night and said he felt OK.
A .280 career hitter with 272 homers and 941 RBIs, Klesko was making the move to first base from left field in Spring Training. He praised 23-year-old Adrian Gonzalez, who has played capably at first in his absence.
"The kid's doing a good job over there, swinging the bat well," Klesko said. "I'm not bitter. I wish everybody could have a starting job.
"Obviously, for me, I wish I could have opened the season. I just want to get back and help this team as soon as I can."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Allergy Shot Visit.

Here is my class clown.

Last week was spring break for Trent, so he went to Alyssa's school. He wasn't too happy the first day he was there, but then after that he really, really, wanted to go. He had alot of fun. On Wednesday of last week I had to take him for his first round of allergy shots. I had decided not to tell him where he was going until after we had dropped off Alyssa. I simply said that I was taken him for a bacon biscuit (he favorite) then he had to go get a little pinch. Of course he had several questions but I explained to him that after he takes weeks of these shots he may not have to wear the mask outsie anymore. He was extremely worried when we got there. It was really crowed with other people receiving the shots too. I had decided a long time ago that I would never lie to my kids about doctors visits etc. So when he asked me if it would hurt i said alittle but not for very long. When they finally called his name everyone there knew that it was his first time. The nurse explained to him that every time he would go they would ask him his name and birthdate. (Great practice because its on the kindergarten tests) He said it proudly and started to wimper as she prepped his arm. (At least he didn't scream bloddy murder as I thought he would do) I held him as he tried to pull away. When she finally pricked him he said "aw momma aw". Of course like I said it only lasted half a second when he realized it was over he began to smile and laugh. As we made our way back to the waiting area to wait our 20 minutes the waiting room errupted with applause. The smile on his face was priceless. ( I just hope that he doesn't exspect that every time) haha. You always have to wait 20 minutes after to make sure that there was no reaction. He did great!!! He ha to go every 7 days, two shots, one in each arm.