Monday, December 10, 2007

A Few Things.........

I'd like to take this moment to say a few things....
First, when you are in a public restroom please, please be aware of your surroundings. Has anyone every noticed that people are pulling their pants ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR or am I the only lucky one noticing. This has been bothering me for sometime now. Ok. People not everyone in the entire restroom needs to see your undies. Also, just because its called "rest"room doesn't mean that you should actually go in there to rest for long periods of time. There is nothing more annoying that trying to do your "business" and someone is hanging out in there. That's just weird.
** PS I would like to publicly apologize to the woman in the restroom over the weekend. Poor thing was having some issues and we walk in and Alyssa yells "OOH, Mommy that lady stinks!" I could have just died right then and there." But I look at it this way..... When she gets older I will make up all of these embarrassing moments that she is putting me through.
Also for the guy who looked just like Santa at Red Lobster. I know you must get tired of kids looking, pointing and shouting at you. Yeah, sorry too.
To the Salvation Army Bell Ringer........ I promise that my little darling is not what she seemed to be on Saturday. We were coming out of Michael's and he said Merry Christmas. I stopped to dig some change out of my purse for Alyssa to put in his bucket. As I was getting the change she yells, "Don't give him my money!!!"
On another note there is a really cute movie playing on the ABC Family Channel called "Christmas in Handcuffs". It stars Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart. It's really good. (although don't let ABC Family fool you... most of there shows are not for the entire family to watch.)


Brittain said...

You too much! We have had the same problems in public bathrooms. They love to announce exactly what is going on! I hate to miss the girls dinner!! No fair!