Monday, January 30, 2006

Be On The Look Out!!!

Ok. So this week started out again with doctors appointments. Alyssa had to go to an allergy/asthma specialist this morning. Another antibiotic, another round of tests. But I'm not complaining it could be worse.

On another note...........Last Wednesday (January 25th) I received a note from Trent's school stating that there had been an incident on January 13th regarding a student on his afternoon bus. Apparently some child predator has been scouting out children at a bus stop near OUR STREET. The student was asked if she needed a ride to school. The predator got out of his van apparently at the same time the bus turned the corner and he got scared and left. The note said to be one the look out for a Green Minivan with dealer tags and a dent in the passenger door. And I just found out today that the same van tried to pick up another student on Friday while she was playing in her yard. WTH. Most of you know that I live kind of far out. (We'll I used to) This pisses me off terribly. They are messing with the wrong person here. I have already formed a neighborhood watch group. (Since all of my neighbors are family it wasn't that hard) This is just unbelievable.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trent has been blowing me away with his reading. After only studying book #2 for only two nights the teacher thought he was good enough to move to #3. And he finally finished his sight words. When I got home on Friday I couldn't believe the progress that he had made. He was so cute he insisted that I buy apples for his teachers for Monday. So I did.
Our decision has been made about baseball. Trent will be a MUDCAT. The Bombers coach is no longer coaching so that made our decision real easy.
We'll Alyssa has been going on follow-up appointments this week. ( I always feel bad missing work but what can you do) Dr. Ahn, her pediatrician, said that her x-rays really didn't come out well because of her age and the fact that she can't sit still. (Don't I Know It) So she is to finish her medication and continue the singulair until further notice. They did not see any fractures. Today, we had her follow-up visit with the Orthopedic. I like Dr. Schimtz but I can't stand those satellite offices. I decided that instead of tracking it all the way to Scottish Rite in Atlanta I would use the office in Fayetteville. It is so much more convenient but I somehow feel that they just don't know all there is to know about Alyssa. I had to supply her chart with copies of the dictation from the Genitists. That's Crazy. But the bottom line is that we don't have to follow-up again until next year, unless she has another break. He said that considering her disease she is doing extremely well. He said that there is medication available for her bones but he didn't want her to take it because he doesn't know the long term side effects for her Type (1.) It's only Tuesday and I'm tired already.
**On a funny note**** Brett is infatuated with Dancing with the Stars and Ice Skating with the Celebrities. Every night he asks me what our TV schedule is. That's funny.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekly Recap

This has been some week. Monday was a holiday for some people. Happy MLK. But I had to work. Brett was off of work and both schools were out. So that worked out. Alyssa's been sick. I took her to see Dr. Ahn. I knew that she probably had a sinus infection because for one, her breath was so bad and she also had some drainage. I also thought her eyes were hurting her. Dr. Ahn said that she didn't have an ear infection (which was good). But she wanted to send Alyssa to have x-rays of her sinuses. I thought to myself. "Oh, God please don't let her have a broken facial bone." I made that dreaded drive to Henry Medical Center to have the x-rays. Her genetists had previously informed me that her nasal passages were extremely narrow and she may have problems in the future. I just hope now that the OI isn't started to show in her facial structure. Only time will tell.
Anyway, we arrived for the x-rays and they took us back. I asked the technician what did she do to get stuck with a two year old. (When I get nervous I try to make jokes and be funny, makes me feel better) Of course Alyssa wanted no part of this. It took sometime since she kept moving. So time will tell if they got any good ones. She suppose to see an allergy/asthma specialist at the end of the month. Dr. Ahn put her on some meds and will re-check her next week. She also will see the orthopedic next week for a follow-up.
Trent has been really getting good with his sight words and reading. His teacher has been sending home different books for him and he seems to be more interested in reading. I am so glad because I hated to read when I was little.
It's almost time for spring baseball. I can't wait. Sign up is this month. We have had a couple of coaches call to recruit Trent. Oh!!! What to do. We have been debating all winter on which team to sign him with. We can't decide. It's between The Ola Bombers or The Ola Mudcats. They both are good in their own ways. The Bombers are a more laid back team. They have a couple of good players and alot of mediocre players and the parents are wonderful. But on the other hand The Mudcats have a couple of Great players, a couple of mediocre players and a few of terrible players. Oh! Man I wish most of life's decisions were this hard.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lisa's Revised Top Five List

My Top Five List

Ok I have discussed my top 5 lists with several friends who all think I am crazy.... I had revise this list so again here it is.

Always, always, always.........
1.) Ryan Klesko - He acutally knows me now!! What a great guy! He had me at hello. HAHA.

2.) Wentworth Miller - Eventhough Prisonbreak is on hiatus he is still #2 and hot. Very Hot.

3.) Jerry O'Connell -I'm not sure if it's him or his Crossing Jordan character that makes him reach #3. But did anyone see him on Oprah? Totally Cute!! From little fat kid on Stand By Me to Total Hottie!

4.)Matthew McConaughey- Was I right or what? Sexiest Man Alive for 2005. Play them Bongos.

5.)Harry Connick, Jr. - There is still something about HCJ. His voice for one thing.

*Please note that Kevin Bacon is an alternate.

I know alot of you wont agree with some of these, but that is what makes each one of our top five lists special. No ones will ever be the same. Did you notice that Fred Savage and Chris O'Donnell have fallen off the list. I'm all grown up now.

But it wouldn't be right not to mention Fred with his new TV show "CRUMBS" and all. (Thursdays ABC) Who knows maybe by the next upate he will have made it on the list.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Don't let their cuteness fool you. I must say that I HATE chipmunks. Our carport is infested with these little things. Oh! yes! They are extremely cute but not harmless. It seems that these little creatures are eating the insides of our vehicles. Hoses, wires you name it! It all started when my battery died over the holidays and we lifted the hood up to jump it off. I noticed little chunks here and there gone from tubes and hoses. I didn't really think much about it. Then Brett went to move the John Deere and the battery cables at been chewed. Needless to say that he wasn't very happy. Then he decided that he better check his Honda that had been parked under the carport. It's our extra vehicle so we don't use it very much. He lifted that hood and under it was filled with tons of acorns. And mostly every wire, hose, tubing or cable under the hood had been chewed or knawed on. Monday afternoon he called me from the roadside. His car was broken down. The heater hose had a hole in it. Those Darn Chipmunks!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall........

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006!!!

Happy New Year! I just couldn't wait for 2005 to be over. I look forward to starting a new year. Last year wasn't one of our best years. So does anyone have any resolutions that they want to admit. Of course, everyone wants to loose weight and be healthier. Anything else?